Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Sneak Peak

Hello Everyone,

Well the day is rapidly approaching for my appearance on The Quilt  Here's a very small peek at a snippet on YouTube.

A larger "trailer" will air tomorrow and I will post a link to it.  I haven't seen it yet, so we will all be seeing it together for the first time.  Get out the popcorn and hot's show time on Monday, Feb. 16th for the whole show!

One of my segments on the show is about Country Charmer which was filmed with Alex Anderson.

The other segment is Patchwork Math filmed with Ricky Tims.

You will be seeing me on The Quilt Show again in the fall under the Classroom section.  More on that at a later date as we iron out the details on multiple segments focusing on Patchwork Math.  Everyone will be returning to school in the fall, the kids will go one way, and you'll go to classroom segments and become quilting mathematicians, and never be afraid of quilting math again.

Busy and exciting times for me here while I prepare for a guild talk in Loomis, CA next Wednesday night.  Even though I've given my talk multiple times, I always try to freshen it up and add something new.  My sister Gail goes with me to each an every talk.  She is my "Vanna" and my accountant.  While I'm talking with the guild members and answering questions, she "womans" the sale table.  It's good to have a former accountant in the family to keep me out of tax fraud prison!  I couldn't do it without her.

Be creative today by expressing yourself in fabric.  That's what I'm going to be doing.



  1. What fun! and exciting, lots going on this Fall! Going back to school will be fun :0) The Quilt Show too, wow, very good that you have a 'Vanna'!

  2. Wow! Now you're officially famous and a star! WTG! So proud of you! You so deserve the recognition.

  3. Oh my gosh..this is so exciting! Lovethe comment about Country Charmer going viral world wide! So excited for you and wonderful that so many quilters will get to see you in your quited glory!

  4. WooHoo! Now your longtime blog readers can say we knew you before you were famous! LOL Can't wait to see this. Congrats on an exciting development....

  5. So excited for you Lynn ! You SO deserve this !

  6. Can't wait to see the whole thing! :-) Hugs, H

  7. I already have a front row seat - my latte, some fresh scones and even a fan club! Oh....can I be your fan club President? You have your Vanna, but you need someone to manage your fan club! Can't wait, Lynn!