Friday, February 6, 2015

Needles in the Pines

Hello Everyone,
I'm working on a variety of projects for my Sew'n Wild Oaks class for next Tuesday.  The girls wanted to work on smaller projects this year so they can finish them in a reasonable amount of time, as in within their lifetime!  I thought these little baskets made with a Dresden template would be fun.

I don't have anything remotely close to pastel in my house.  This is about as close as it gets.  I try to make samples that I will actually use.  I present my version to the class, and let them take the idea and run with it.  Some run faster than others but never with scissors!

I'm going to set this basket on point.  I'll probably add additional flowers at another time.  The tutorial for the flowers is located at the Virtual Classroom tab at the top of the blog. I still have to prep the basket for applique which is my nighttime job.  I don't like to applique during the day because I'm not a daytime watcher of TV.  I quilt and work better to music throughout the day.

Now this basket has a completely different look doesn't it?  Same pattern, different flowers.  I can see this block showcased in a red and brown quilt......a project which is on my bucket list.

I'm also spending about half of my days writing the directions for Grammy Squares.  I do all of my own graphics and they were quite tedious to create.  I finally just stopped, and started taking pictures of each step along the way.  I'm happier now and I think the directions are going to be much easier to follow.  Here's an example:

There is a written explanation for each and every step.  I found myself getting a little tired and goofy with so much time at the computer yesterday.  At one point I actually wrote, "The hexagon should now measure 3-1/4", if it doesn't, then call Houston because we have a problem!"  I may just leave it in the directions to see if anyone notices.
We are going to hunker down inside the cozy, toasty cabin for the next few days and weather the first measureable rain that we've had since Christmas Eve.  The wind is really picking up and the pine trees are whipping around like food in a blender.  I'd better get my applique prepped just in case the power goes out, which is a likely scenario.
Hope you have a problem free day and you don't have to call Houston.


  1. That's where I've gone wrong as of late! It hasn't crossed my mind to call Houston, even once! Putting something like that in instructions does sound like something I'd do though! Right?!?! Love those baskets and looking forward to Grammy Squares!

  2. I love the different looks of the baskets - what fun play there is in that project. I would love to make the grammy squares too - just reminds me so of my grgran for some reason. I'm just playing with something that doesn't require much thought - and definitely not running with scissors.

  3. Love the dresden basket, and the 3-D flower is fabulous.

  4. Those are wonderful Dresden baskets :-D Funny how the fabrics each give them a totally different look .
    Getting windy here to and just waiting for all the rain they have predicted for us

  5. Hah - I called my husband at work several years ago to say that very thing - Houston we have a problem - when three old Blue Spruce trees came down in our yard! He cringes whenever I say that again! Seriously, your baskets are so wonderful! I love the fussy cutting and the different flowers are great - I can see an entire quilt with these and different flowers in each. Hope you don't have to call Houston today, Lynn!

  6. Hello Lynn,
    your Dresden-baskets are so nice! I like them very much.
    Happy weekend
    :o) Doris

  7. I just love sitting in my cabin watching the rain pour and the trees whip while I'm stitching away, but it does require power. Four or five years ago we were without power for a week at a time... We had so much snow! Now, with our drought, I'd even take that again!