Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Busy Week

Hello Everyone,
Well, you've probably been thinking I dropped out of blogland since I haven't posted is a few days. I haven't left you for too long, I've just had an extremely busy week.
Yesterday I taught Heartfire at Ladybug's Quilts in Manteca.  Small class and a fun group of girls.  The girls at the shop put a kit together for Mary and it is gorgeous!  So gorgeous in fact that I wanted to take one of the kits home with me!  If you contact the girls at Ladybug's, maybe, just maybe one of the kits can go live in your home.

Mary is a finisher, so I know she will be bringing this quilt over so I can see the end product.

Nancy had all of her strips cut and ready to go.

Her blocks and quilt are going to be very striking.  Each one is going to have a flower in the center.

Shari is incorporating my favorite polka dots in her blocks.  Again, begin with a beautiful center and build around your focus fabric by drawing in colors that are in the center block, just exactly what Shari did.

LeeAnn is making a quilt for her husband, a Raider fan.  Won't he be surprised when he receives his manly-man quilt!

Charlotte was unable to attend the class, but she started it at home and came by the shop to show me what she accomplished on her own.  She doesn't need me!  I love the splashes of yellow, and of course those polka dots.

Here are just a few pictures of the location for my talk to the Loomis quilt guild Wednesday night.  What a wonderful group of ladies, and gentlemen!  They were so welcoming to Gail and me. We felt right at home from the moment we entered the hall. I displayed three quilts which I think are the best representation of my work....from all pieced, to applique and piecing combined.  Then I show an additional 20 quilts throughout the talk.

They were a wonderful audience and they laughed heartily in all of the right places!  The guild members are also good huggers!  You know, hugging is good for your health, and I received and gave a healthy dose of hugs on Wednesday.

I haven't touched my sewing machine or long arm in a week!!  Today is the day to get back to work on my projects.....but then tomorrow there's my real job, and Tuesday I get to spend the day with MY girls in class.  My sewing room is missing me as much as I'm missing her...sigh.  Today we will get reacquainted. 


  1. Isn't it wonderful how fabric selection completely changes up Heartfire! It's truly a Chameleon of a quilt! Nancy & LeeAnn's quilts could move in together and become Mr. & Mrs. Quilt! The florals are going to be spectacular!
    Your lecture set-up looks so crisp & clean & professional...which you are...but that doesn't distract from the fact that you & your quilts are warm and huggy!

  2. These are all so lovely. It must be a lot of fun quilting and sewing with a group :) I've never done that. Well, not since junior high home-economic class, LOL.
    Have a great week,
    Connie :)

  3. What wonderful quilts! I would have loved to be there!

  4. Well I wondered if Thelma and Louise just kept on going after driving to Loomis, but I realized being away from Mazey, Mr. Joe and all your gorgeous fabric and quilts wouldn't last too long! I adore all the lovely Heartfires....I need to get working on perfecting mine!

  5. Wonderful quilts. I'd love to be in one of your classes. Looks like a whole lot of fun.

  6. It would have been fun to hear your guild presentation: I know I would have loved it!! And your Heartfire pattern looks lovely! I'm going to have to make it one day! I just checked your teaching schedule and I'm going to be out of town the next time you teach Grammy Squares at the store. :-( I'll just keep checking your schedule. :-) So glad it all went well for you! Hugs, H