Sunday, August 9, 2015

Annie's Star Quilt Guild Lecture and Workshop

Hello Everyone,
It was a fun and whirlwind trip to Chico, California last Thursday and Friday to Annie's Star Quilt Guild.  Chico is located in Northern old stomping grounds.  It was a trip back home to my roots.

I tell my story through my quilts, 26 of them to be exact!  I always begin with my Once Upon a Vine quilt.  I'm not quite sure what struck us so funny, but Nadja holding the quilt on the left, and my sister Gail and I were having a good time.
The guild has a wonderful meeting location at the Masonic Family Center.  They are very lucky to have such a great spot for their meetings.

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with many of you.  Thank you all so much for coming and spending the evening with me.  A special thanks to those of you who traveled an hour or so to attend the lecture and workshop.  You have no idea how much that means to both Gail and me.  A special shout out to Donna who was in high school with me.  Yes, I found you in the year book, and you haven't changed! 

I had a full workshop in the spacious classroom at Cathy's Sew & Vac in Chico on Friday.  The girls came to work, and soaked up information like a sponge.

The walls were starting to be decorated by lunchtime.

Now let me tell you about this floral fabric.  Beth purchased a bridesmaids dress and used it to make her blocks!  All of the large floral prints are from the dress.  What a fabulous idea!

Some of my pictures aren't the best since I was using my cell phone.  Mr. Joe wanted the camera since he was taking a trip to an animal rescue reserve while I was in class.  Did he take any pictures?  NO! He was too busy watching lions, tigers and bears....oh my!

The girls had fun watching their components grow and grow.

They had a productive day learning the math and piecing techniques.

My friend Sandi is going to make a bright and cheerful table runner with her components.

As I said in the beginning, traveling to Chico was going back to my roots.  Mr. Joe and I had some time to drive around town and take a look at our old college hangouts. I met Mr. Joe in this apartment complex 44 years ago.  We each had a small studio apartment here close to campus.

After we got married, we moved to this house and enjoyed living in the whole middle flat.  Mr. Joe was a Head Resident of seven Victorian homes which had been converted to college housing.  We lived rent free while he finished his last year of school and I had a job on campus. We spent our first year of married life with 100 students. Boy do I have stories about that year!  It is now a Frat House.

We stayed with our friends Joe and Sandi.  John was the best man at our wedding and Sandi was a bridesmaid.  Can you tell that Sandi is a quilter too?  This was our comfortable room during our stay. Thank you so much for inviting us to stay with you and walk down memory lane.  All of us stayed up way past our normal bedtime!

Getting out and about and meeting other quilters is so rewarding and fun. Thank you all for making our trip to Chico very memorable.  Quilters are the BEST!


  1. Wonderful share, Lynn! Beautiful work by the quilters.

  2. What a fun time for all! I, too, have had some trips down memory lane recently by catching up with friends from the past. This was a fun post to read; thanks for sharing all your memories.

  3. Glad you had such a memorable time. Life is good.

    I am so enjoying your time on TQS.

  4. Life is good! I had the best time and loved your workshop! Looking forward to seeing you and Gail in November! Hugs

  5. Wonderful share, Lynn! Beautiful work by the quilters.

  6. How wonderful for you to go back to your roots like that. The house you lived in looks wonderful.

  7. I, too, so enjoyed our visit to our old stomping grounds and the time spent with an amazing group of talented ladies at the Annie's Star Quilt Guild in Chico! You all made us feel so welcome and we really appreciated that! We are already looking forward to seeing many of you again in November at the Chico Quilt Show!

  8. It was a great show! I loved how at the Paradise guild we learned about your younger years and now at the Chico guild we learned about your adult years. They were both great!
    I look forward to seeing both you girls in November.