Friday, August 28, 2015

Flying in Formation

Hello Everyone,
Today is Flying Geese and Double Flying Geese day at The Quilt  You can download the .pdf file for the cutting directions to make this block HERE.

You can see how I make the Flying Geese components and learn the formulas HERE.

 I love incorporating Flying Geese into my quilts.  Here is a gaggle of them in Zinnie's Choice.

Emilie Elizabeth is filled with Flying Geese and Double Flying Geese. 

The red rick-racky looking inner border is a component called Parallel Geese.  I didn't have time to cover them in the video, but the directions and formula to make them are in the Patchwork Math book.

All the little baskets are made with Double Flying Geese.

 My geese are getting ready to fly south in Harvest of Hope.

 You can make quick work of Flying Geese when you make them 4 at a time.

I incorporate them into pillows too.  Once you know the formulas it is so easy to make them any size to make a nice frame around a centerpiece.

It is never too early to think about Christmas.  Here's a batch of Double Flying Geese that I made yesterday to put around another Christmas pillow.  My little grandson Jess is into cowboys, so this will be for him.

What is wrong with this picture?   There isn't a "goose" in the entire quilt!  So why am I showing a picture of it you ask. 

I will be teaching Grammy Squares at The Whistle Stop in Auburn tomorrow. I'm reviewing all of my class notes today so I can offer a great class to my students.  I know we will have fun.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Great tutorial video! These are beautiful blocks. Thank you!

  2. The Double Flying Geese are fun to make, now that I have Flying Geese mastered! Yea. Fun to see how many ways they can be used and the effect they have. Thank you! Have fun in Auburn

  3. Love Flying Geese. That little pillow for your grandson will be a hit!

  4. Thank goodness these geese aren't the Canadian Variety or we would be shooing them out of town! Seriously, they are so much fun to make with the Patchwork Math method! Hope you're having a great time in Auburn, today!