Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Machine Quilting Lil' Orphan Scrappy

Hello Everyone,
The long arm was a hummin' yesterday.  My Handi Quilter just purred her way through the first couple of rows of Lil' Orphan Scrappy.
Selecting the right thread color was difficult since I used SOOOO many different fabrics.   I settled on a soft, goldish old standby Mettler 515.  My machine is happy with that thread, so that's what I used. When she's happy, I'm happy. 

Every feather I quilt is random.  I guess you could call it a meandering feather.  Every twist and turn is different.  No two are alike, just like the blocks.  They are not too matchy-matchy.  I pulled out every single scrap of Marcus fabrics from my stash and incorporated them into this quilt.  I think one non-Marcus snuck into the mix when I wasn't looking.  Oh well, I'll bet you can't spot the intruder.

I use Dream Wool batting for get the extra loft that I love.  It is warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.  It doesn't hold a crease and drapes beautifully on a bed.

The rick-rack look running through the entire quilt is totally random in most cases.  I paid greater attention to the borders.  You'll get to see them when this LARGE quilt is off the machine.

I was a wee bit concerned the machine might stall with all of these seams on the back in addition to the seams on the front.  So far, it has not been a problem at all. It slices through all of the seams like butter.

I have a full Lil' Orphan Scrappy class at In Between Stitches this Saturday.  For those of you who are local, I'm teaching it again on Saturday, October 17th at IBS. You can sign up by clicking HERE. The quilt is much easier to make than you think.  It is SEW much fun and a real scrap buster.
You know where I will be today.  I'll have my arms tied to my long arm.  My neighbor Barbara dropped in yesterday while I was at the machine.  She said, "Oh, you are listening to classical music today."  My response was, "Classic quilts require classical music."


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, Lynn! Love your feathers and your stippling! Can't wait to see it in person on Saturday!

  2. I'm amazed at how you come up with so many wonderful designs, Lynn! This one is truly a beauty! Wish I could be at the class - just glancing over at my scrap stash, I think perhaps I could do several of these!

  3. Fabulous quilting...perfection!

  4. Your quilting is just wonderful!! Those feathers are so lovely and voluptuous!! ;-) I've got to check my calendar to see if I'm free the next time you teach the class! And I forgot to write down the dates of your retreat: Could you let me know again what they are? Hugs, H

  5. LOVE your style! Yea, glad to hear that the pieced backing ran like budda! My music genre runs from classical to blues, depends on the quilt ;0)

  6. I'm not a feather person, but this is fabulous! I like a good opera on when I am quilting.

  7. This is gorgeous! I love your Marcus fabrics and the pattern is amazing!

  8. Lil Orphan Scrappy is definitely going to be another stunner! I just love your quilting. I hope to be so good someday even if its on my domestic. Can't wait to see the finish!

  9. Just beautiful! Love all of the fabrics, and your quilting is just fantastic!