Saturday, August 22, 2015

Machine Quilting Lil' Orphan Scrappy

Hello Everyone,
Lil' Orphan Scrappy can almost be put into the finished column......binding and label are next.

Talk about finishing this one just in the nick of time!  I'm teaching this class in four hours at In Between Stitches.  The quilt and the pattern all came together at the last moment.  The pattern is available at In Between Stitches by clicking HERE.

I'm loving the way the feathers flow across the quilt.  I knew when I was making this one exactly how I was going to quilt it.

 I managed to get the quilt loaded correctly on my long arm so the back was nice and straight.

I couldn't tell you how many Marcus fabrics I used in this quilt.  Every single block is different.  The good quality of the fabric was evident while I worked with my stash.  I'm sure some of the fabrics are at least ten years old.  This quilt is a stash buster.  (Of course I can't tell a difference in my bins and cupboards!)  Maybe I should stop bringing more fabric home from the shop.  It just keeps following me home!

Gotta scoot and get ready for class.  I'll have a classroom full of quilters making this quilt.  They will really shake out the pattern for me today.  I don't see any glaring errors, but then again I never do.  It always takes someone else to find it.  Hope you all have a happy weekend.



  1. OMG!! I am in love!! Hope your students don't drool all over this gorgeous quilt. WOuld love to be there.

  2. BRAVO!!! What a beautiful quilt made even more so by that fantastic quilting! I love it all!

  3. This is gorgeous, Lynn!!! Can't wait to start mine! It has been so much fun picking fabric for each block! It's like painting a picture for each one. See you in a bit!

  4. How I wish I could be a fly on everyone's shoulder today! Tell the girls to hurry up finding any boo-boo's because I want to make the one!

  5. Love this quilt. And love the quilting...

  6. It's gorgeous Lynn!! I was really tempted to come down and take the class, but it's a good thing I didn't, because I had to take my DD1 to the doctor's. So.... we're back home, and I hope to get some sewing done! :-) How big are your blocks in that quilt? Hope your class goes well and you get to relax tonight! Hugs, H

  7. Your quilt is just so gorgeous! Your gals are going to love making this one!