Saturday, December 30, 2017

Back to Normal Life

Hello Everyone,
The little boys have gone back home to their parents.  Now these grandparents are returning to our much slower way of life.  It is too quiet here!
To fill the void, I started cutting up this yardage for my first quilt show of the year held in Folsom the first part of February.  I purchased all of this yardage at Debbie's Quilt Shop in Paradise, CA in November.  Debbie has the best selection of reproduction fabric under one roof!

I'm making fat quarter towers of this assortment.  The bundles are comprised of fabric from Moda, Marcus and Windham fabrics.  I selected fabrics that fit my style from Prairie Basics, Antique Cotton, Shenandoah Valley, Party of Twelve, On Maple Lake and Old Cambridge Pike just to name a few.

I may put a couple of the bundles out on my ETSY site once I get them all cut, folded, and priced.  The Folsom Quilt Show runs over three days, so I have to have a ton of product to fill my booth.  I have to start now to get ready for the show or else I will be a mad woman at the end of January.

This weekend, my to-do list includes updating my calendar on my blogsite.  I hit the ground running in January with lectures and workshops.  I've had a wonderful few weeks off, and now it's time to start in again on my travel schedule.

We had so much fun with the little grandson.  They are 10 and 9.....the perfect age for adventure in the mountains and using their imaginations.

They were hit with gold fever while panning in the little town of Columbia.

They road shotgun on the Pony Express stagecoach.  The stage was also held up by a bandit during their ride.

They sang along with a country western singer that resembled Ed Harris.  Maybe he's adding to his retirement fund.

They went bowling.  Only the best and most modern bowling alley for our grandsons. 

They played in the snow at Bear Valley.  Two boys and a dog.  What could be better? 

We binge watched Diary of a Whimpy Kid movies.  I am now completely up to date and well versed on the bathroom humor of a 10-year-old.  OMG!  I can see why the boys like reading the books and enjoy the movies. I only dozed off once and they caught me!

It was three days of no video games, no phones, nothing electronic at all.  It was Lego's, playing Monopoly, sledding on pine needles and in the snow, building forts, and family time around the kitchen table.

Mazey is missing her boys.  If a dog can be depressed, I think she is.  If a Grammy can be depressed.....I think she is.



  1. it sounds like you had so much fun with your grandsons, they had a lot of adventures it seems when visiting you!

  2. What a time to treasure! Love those fabric bundles. I have a feeling your depression will be fleeting come February! Happy New Year, Lynn!

  3. This is a sweet - and bittersweet - post, Lynn! Thanks for sharing your family time with us. happy New Year!

  4. we had our three grandsons and their parents the week before CHristmas. When they are gone the house is way too quiet! I understand the depression. Happy New Year! oh, and those fabrics are gorgeous!

  5. No video games, no phones, nothing electronic - no wonder they had a blast with you. Wish more children would go that route. Your fabric bundles are yummy and I'm certain that they will be a huge hit. Glad you got time for a breather. Happy New Year!

  6. I'm loving that fat quarter stack!! Wonderful colors! And what fun adventures with your grandsons!!! I'll bet Mazey and Grandma ARE depressed!! Kids that age are so much fun!! That's the age of the Cub Scouts I teach: they keep you hopping, but they are a hoot!! Happy New Year!! Hugs, H