Sunday, December 17, 2017

Wrapping It Up

Hello Everyone,
If you've been following my blog, you know I love to watch football.  Yesterday, I set my wrapping station up on the table in front of the fire and TV, and wrapped until I was done.
I found the perfect gift tags at Home Goods.  You know me and my love affair with plaid!  In their excitement of opening gifts, do you think I can have the little kids save their tags so I can use them again next year?  It's not that I'm cheap, I just LOVE these tags!

After I finished wrapping, I sat down and enjoyed looking at the fruits of my labor.  We will load all of this up in our red sleigh next weekend and head to the city for Christmas.  Mazey may have to ride on top of the car, better yet, we'll put a red nose on her, and she can help guide the car out of the mountains.

We have really been enjoying living in the mountains.  Life is just different up here, and we are adjusting well.  I'm not a shopper, which is a good thing, because there are very few places to shop up here in the pines.  Like so many others, I shopped on Amazon for the little and big kids.  We do not have mail service directly to the cabin, so we go to the Post Office almost on a daily basis. Let me tell you, the Post Office is the gathering place for the community.
If you get a yellow slip of paper in your box, you go to the main lobby with a cast of thousands, (actually maybe 10 people), and give the clerk your PO Box number, and within a few minutes, they return with your packages.  I am so impressed with the ladies at the Post Office.  Many of them have memorized box numbers and don't have to ask for your number.  Some of the ladies will memorize up to five PO Box numbers that people in line tell them, and they go in the back and return with a cart full of packages. They don't even write them down.  I have trouble memorizing my own number......let alone four or five others!
Those in line will open doors and graciously help others out to their cars if it's a big package day.  I have seen such kindness when I'm in line.  This helpful, heartwarming spirit is year-round, not just during the Holidays, here in our little community.  I'm so happy to call this little piece of heaven my home. 


  1. Love your tree with all those pretty gifts. I do not live in the mountains but do live far enough in a rural area where is it a chore to go shopping so online is a blessing. I to experience the same at our little rural P.O. I too get a little yellow card with my number to know a package is there. That’s funny. Merry Christmas

  2. So glad to hear how much you are enjoying living in the mountains. Your tree looks magical with your beautifully wrapped gifts with those awesome plaid tags!

  3. Your home looks quite ready for Christmas, and oh so cozy! DH & I live in a similar community near Yellowstone National Park. No mail service to the cabin, no trash pickup. Our post office employees know us by box number and name, and ask us every fall if we're staying local or snowbirding for the winter lol. We, too, get yellow cards for package pickup, and I take them cookies for Christmas and cupcakes for the 4th of July. I admit to sometimes getting frustrated with our remoteness (90 miles in either direction to REAL shopping), but I do love our small town.

  4. Looks lovely! I envy you living so beautifully in the cabin. Looks like Heaven on Earth!

  5. Your tree is lovely! And yes, I would save (and reuse) those lovely tags again too. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.