Friday, December 1, 2017

Toys Dancing in our Heads

Hello Everyone,

I've been busy cleaning and decorating.  That job seems to go hand in hand.  We are going to have toys dancing over our heads while we dream and think about Christmas.

I have most of my quilts home, so I'm putting them on display around the house.  The quilt on the bed is called Sallie's Quilt by Red Crinoline.  The original quilt was made with blue setting triangles.  I preferred the red, so that's what I did.

The pillows are an old, old Thimbleberries pattern.  I pretty much leave them out year-round.

A folded up Toyland Tree is hanging on the quilt rack.  It is so much fun to rearrange the quilts for an entirely different look.

I'm afraid if we have an earthquake, we will be pommeled with snowballs from the snowman collection on the top shelf.  We were here one time during an earthquake.  This old log home creaked and groaned like my knees when I get up in the morning.  I was afraid it was going to topple like a Lincoln Log house.

I have a full day of more decorating and straightening up.  My quilting room is next on the to-do list. I sure can make a mess when I put my mind to it!  My pristine quilting room has become somewhat of a dumping ground from our last trip back home.  I'm trying to bring another bin or two of fabric back with me.  I haven't figured out where it's going to go yet.  All of the Christmas presents are sitting on the floor too.  Maybe if I start wrapping, it will take care of part of the mess.

I hope you have a good day preparing your nest for the Holidays.  Happy December 1st.



  1. I enjoy seeing how you use and display your quilts in your home. It gives me ideas; so many of my quilts are folded up and put away. And I have the same issue with my quilting room, it becomes the staging area for luggage and packing before and after every trip and now holds bags of clothing I cleaned out of my closet but haven't dropped off at the thrift store yet.

  2. Your quilts look so pretty on display. My sewing room is on the list for cleaning up also. Seems like an endless job. Merry Christmas.

  3. Love seeing your cosy home with all those quilty treats! Your snowmen are such a cute collection!

  4. Oh I so much would love to be a receiver of your beautiful quilts! Love Toyland !

  5. The cabin is looking so festive! I'm enjoying your blog...however, I have to switch browsers to be able to comment so if you don't hear from me much, please know you've got a big group out here so happy to see what you are up to :-)
    P.S. My pup, Sabra, is doing pretty well these days. I'm grateful for everyday! and my sis is recovering well from her surgery. We are grateful!

  6. I love the your red Crinoline quilt on your bed!