Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Sons of our Sons

Hello Everyone,

I got so busy with the family for Christmas, I forgot to post and wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Now I'm wishing you all a Happy New Year!

We spent three wonderful days in Livermore with the entire family and enjoyed lots of eating, laughing, games, presents and hugs......let me mention eating again.  Now we are back at the cabin and we brought the two youngest grandsons with us.  After unloading the car, the boys immediately wanted to start assembling their new Lego kits with 1,000 pieces.  They each have their own table to carry out the construction.

Mr. Joe went outside to check around the property and saw these large, what we think are bear tracks, leading up to the deck.  I guess the animals partied on the deck while we were gone!

The boys wanted to roast hot dogs for we did. Hot dogs with macaroni and cheese is the dinner of champions. Tonight pizza or spaghetti......whatever their little heart's desire.

We watched the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Long Haul movie, then the little guys headed off to bed.  They were tired after playing outside and working on the construction of a fort in the woods.  Mazey sticks with them like glue, and is their early warning defense system when it comes to critter alert.

As soon as the sun comes up, I'll head outside and bring the game camera inside to see what was wandering around last night.  Mazey was going ballistic around 5am so we know something was prowling around.  We've learned to recognize her different barks, growls, and howls for different four-legged and two-legged animals.  This morning I think her bark signified something bigger than a bread box!

Today we are headed to the little town of Columbia.  It is a nicely preserved Western town complete with blacksmith, and a Pony Express office offering stage coach rides.  The boys don't know it yet, but the stagecoach always get "held up" by bandits.  The entire main street of town is a State Park and is completely closed to traffic.  We'll wander around the old buildings and also do some panning for gold.

The little boys are 10 and 9.  They are the sons of our sons.  For us it is like stepping back in time to the days when we had two boys.  For some reason, these two are much better behaved!




  1. Sounds like great men in the making! Can't wait to hear what was lurking around making Mazey bark!

  2. What a wonderful snapshot of your days with the boys. They are blessed.

  3. Love the pictures - love the message - which is kids help us stay young. You and Joe must have enormous amounts of energy. Enjoy. They are darling and at such a good age.

  4. Oh - I agree with both Karen and Paula. What a wonderful time....and complete with wild animals! It doesn't get any better than that!

  5. Have a wonderful time with those sons of sons - they grow too fast. The cabin was quiet and with no 'scent' for long enough to invite those who would not come as close.

  6. Having grandchildren visiting is so special. Have a wonderful time. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  7. What a special family time. I do miss our times when our kids were young. But now our children are having children, so maybe one day we will enjoy replaying those times again.

  8. A BEAR?? Yikes. Have a good time with the kids.

  9. Wonderful days!! We've done Columbia a couple of times when our kids were younger: I love that little town!! Let us know what the critter was: those tracks look awfully big!! And your grandsons look so cute: can I say I'm slightly jealous?!! Have a wonderful new years!! Hugs, H