Saturday, March 16, 2019

National Quilting Day 2019

Hello Everyone,
I plan on spending my National Quilting Day in my sewing room and work on my Cute as a Button quilt.


I was feeling so proud of myself for getting so far along on this one, and then I spotted a booboo.  Can you see it? When I spotted the mistake, I said something a little stronger than H-E double toothpicks!  I knew this would drive me crazy if I left it.  Every time I looked at the quilt on the design wall, my eyes went right to this block.  I posted this picture on Instagram, and about half the comments told me to leave it.  But I couldn't.  It is all fixed now.

The girls in class helped me decide on the fabric to use for the setting triangles.  I love it, and think it is really going to showcase the interior of the quilt.

Yesterday we set out on our annual pilgrimage to see the height of the snow at Lake Alpine.  We parked at the winter parking area at the end of Highway 4.  The sign says "road closed" kidding.  We found the snowmobile trail that wound its way up to the top of the snowbank, and walked in to the lake on the groomed trail.

This is Alpine Lodge.  People have been skiing down the roof. The sign says closed for winter.  Really?  I can't understand why.

Mazey had a ball playing and running through the snow.  There is no way of knowing the depth of the snow where we were walking.  The cabin in back of me is a two-story cabin, if that gives you any idea.

I'm 5' 9".....well I was until I went in for my last bone density test.  My doctor thinks I'm shrinking.....I'm sticking with the height I've been using for decades.  This gives you a good idea of the size of the berms along the roadway.  It was like driving through a tunnel.  No landmarks, no nothing along the way except for snow.

]This little outhouse looked so funny.  Maybe it's a new design for a ski jump?

The white area in the middle of the picture, behind the trees, is the lake.  We have hiked up the mountain called Inspiration Point that you can see in the distance.  I can't imagine the level of effort that walk would require now.  It was a tough hike during good weather in the summer.

California is officially out of the drought!

Enjoy your weekend.



  1. Cute as a Button is probably the next one for me! All I can say about the snow is WOW!