Friday, December 13, 2019

Christmas in the Classroom

Hello Everyone,
Christmas was all over the classroom at In Between Stitches this week while the girls worked on their holiday projects.  Pat was working on my Homemade Holidays table runner pattern.  She is going to be done in time for Christmas.

Here are two little Checkerberry's!  They are so sweet.  Melody is going to make a couple more and turn then into a wall hanging instead of pillows.

This is my original Checkerberry pillow pattern.  It was fun taking this picture because it was snowing BIG FLAKES when I took it.  Perfect timing.

Here's a parade of Christmas projects the girls have been working on over the last month.


I stared a new little pillow pattern to give this year.

Very simple, and more modern for me....because it's not for me!

Here's a Lucy Boston block.

I'll finish by showing you Paula's October Magic wall hanging.  I love the night sky and all of the leaves on the ground. 

Yesterday, Mr. Joe and I headed to Jackson, CA to shop local, and tick a few more names off our Christmas list.  Jackson is a quaint, former gold mining town in the foothills. The local radio station pipes vintage Christmas music throughout the downtown area.  There were times I felt as though I was strolling through a Hallmark movie.  Christmas magic was in the air.

I pulled these images off of the Internet because I forgot to take some.  Use your imagination and super impose Christmas garlands hanging across the street.

Town wasn't very busy, in fact we were surprised how many stores were closed.  We all need to shop in the smaller, mom and pop shops in order to keep them thriving.  I must admit I do my fair share of shopping on Amazon, but I also support my local shops.......probably too much!

I said a couple of paragraphs ago that there was Christmas magic in the air.  The magic manifested itself in an email from Henry Glass fabric company letting me know I was chosen to be a brand ambassador for Henry Glass Co. because of my passion, talent, and engagement in the fabric/quilting/sewing industry.  As I hear more from them, I will let you know just exactly what my ambassadorship entails.  This was quite exciting news, and was the frosting on the cake of a fun day spent with my Christmas Sweetie.

Madam Ambassador


  1. It was a great Holiday Share...
    Many, many congratulations on your recognition from Henry Glass, Lynn!!!

  2. Very pretty - someone is making an Alexander Bean Pot - just finished mine - I added more blocks! Looks like the ladies have been busy this year!

  3. Whoo-hooo!! Congratulations!! Anxious to hear of your newest involvement, Madame Ambassador.

  4. Congrats on being chosen as a Henry Glass ambassador! How wonderful!! And maybe you could get them to send you some Kim Diehl fabric to design with, hint, hint!! That is right up your alley!! Hugs, H