Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Country Sunshine

Hello Everyone,
I only have time for a quick post this morning.  I'm off to spend the day again at In Between Stitches. I follow Scrap Quilt Enthusiasts on Face Book and saw this beautiful version of my Country Sunshine pattern.  It is very striking!  I contacted the maker, Susan, and she graciously consented to let me post a picture of her creation.  I love everything about this calming beauty.
Here is my version using Laundry Basket fabrics.

Here's another version that I made with Rachael Remembered fabric by Betsy Chutchian for Moda.

Here is a breakdown of the block.  Yes, there are quite a few pieces as you can see on the block layout sheet which is included in every pattern.  As you complete each component, you place them on the sheet.  So you can see immediately if you've made the component correctly, and put them in the proper perspective on the sheet.  This sheet helps you keep organized and lessens mistakes.

On another note, last week Mr. Joe and I did a little Christmas shopping in a neighboring town.  We always shop local first, before we resort to the Internet. 

As we were heading out of town on the way back to the cabin, we passed a "store closing" sign and the entire store was 50% off.  I went inside while Mr. Joe and Mazey snoozed in the car. The store was an odd, eclectic mix of people clothes and pet clothes.  It took me a minute to figure out that I'd started shopping in the pet section.  I was looking for presents for my 17-year-old twins who are a size 0-1.  I swear I was never a size 0, and that includes the day I was born! 

Anyway, the shop keeper came over to me and told me, the Diva sizes are over there on the wall.  Then she proceeded to direct me over to the Diva area. Thank God she didn't take me to the Saint Bernard section!  I came sooooo close to suggesting maybe that was why she had to close her shop!  But, I didn't, and chose to exit stage left.

Mr. Joe has been calling me Diva ever since, once he stopped laughing.

A Voluptuous Diva


  1. Oh, that is funny! What we do for our kiddos! Our twin nieces are tiny too but they are only 11. Have fun shopping!

  2. My favorite colors are on the block you have laid out. When I was 12 I wore size one....now 3X...LOL

  3. What an unusual and beautiful block! I love it all the more because there ARE so many pieces. :o)

  4. Each of those three quilts looks so different from each other! And I guess I'm a diva too, 2X!

  5. Hey Lynn, I went straight to a size 12! Love the new pattern.