Monday, December 2, 2019

Decorating for Christmas

Hello Everyone.
Let me set the stage. Christmas music playing, snow falling, lugging bins in from under the garage, getting soaking wet, adding extra lights, and making a complete mess of the cabin resulted in this ending scene.   

You can see during the daylight hours just how much snow was on the railing.  By evening we had considerably more snow.  During the process, all I wanted to do was sit in the chair and admire the tree.  I'm not finished with the decorating just yet.  I'm also going through the bins to see what I can pass on for others to enjoy.  I have enough ornaments to decorate at least four or five trees.  It is time to whittle this down to a manageable amount of plastic bins.

While I was decorating inside, Mr. Joe was decorating the outside. 

The snow has turned to torrential rain, and I think our fire season has finally come to an end.

I'm off to my guild meeting this morning.  I finished the binding on Country Courthouse, so she's ready to make her debut into society.  The binding is the same fabric as the flange.  My friend Lynnette, gave me a new thread to try called Invisafil.  It is a 100 weight polyester thread and I love it!  I'm anxious to give it a try on my next applique quilt.  You can't see a single stitch, and it doesn't knot.  It took me only three football games to get this quilt done, instead of the usual four games!  That is the metric I use for my binding gauge.  It would have been more enjoyable if my teams hadn't played so poorly.

I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.  My neck of the woods is pretty soggy.



  1. Its soggy here, too, Lynn (Santa Cruz). Great excuse to stay in and sew, though. Your home looks lovely, and so inviting!

  2. Merry Monday! The cabin looks beautiful and congratulations on the binding! Beautiful finish.

  3. crazy rain around these parts Lynn. The cabin looks perfect as does the quilt. Seeing that perfect little 9 patch in the center assures me that I need to redo a few of mine. Hugs and enjoy the beauty around you, I know you do.

  4. Hi beautiful!! Your tree looks so lovely, and the scene so inviting!! I hope you get to sit and enjoy it!! Stay warm and dry!! Hugs, H

  5. Oh, your tree is lovely! What a homey setting. We have plenty of snow to set the stage, but I haven't even started. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Super jealous of the snow. It all looks beautiful. Trudging through my decorating--snow would help!