Monday, November 22, 2010

Pay It Forward......

Hello Everyone,

As a general rule, I don't quilt for others but I do make exceptions for exceptional people.  I'm quilting this quilt for my sister's good friend, Sylvia.  Sylvia is new to quilting and she made this quilt for her niece for Christmas.

Sylvia is from Zimbabwe and met my sister in 1988 through a mutual friend.  Sylvia's life-long goal was to be a nurse.  After years of college and a lot of hard work, she is now a registered nurse in Santa Rosa.  Over the years, she brought her son and her niece from Zimbabwe to Santa Rosa and helped put them both through school.  First the local community college and then on to Sonoma State and UC Berkeley.  She has also helped two nephews in Scotland go to school and a niece in Australia.

Sylvia is an angel, disguised in the body of a human.  She is selfless, beyond kind, and a genuinely caring person (like many quilters I know.)  I've spent a few days in the hospital over the last few weeks and I know I would love to have Sylvia taking care of me!  She will instantly make you feel better with her dazzling smile, her soft touch, and her rich accent. 

I am thankful for knowing Sylvia.

As always,



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lynn. Your spirit and strength is amazing. Hope your feeling better.
    Nothing seems to keep you down for very long.

  2. Hi Lynn, Your quilting is so beautiful. Hope your feeling better.

  3. I love how you're quilting this. I really wish I could see some of your work for real, but the photos are almost as good. Sylvia sounds like an amazing person.

    Hope you're recovering OK?

  4. Sylvia sounds like an inspiration. And so are you!
    Feel better soon, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. I love your feathers.... I would love to see this whole quilt~ Now you've got me dreaming about feathers too..
    Hope Have a Great Thanksgiving...

  6. Your quilting is perfection in motion. I agree with Crissie show us the entire Quilt, PLEASE!!!
    Glad to see you are feeling well enough to stand at your Quilting machine.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.....