Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chelsea Cottage Class......Part II

Hello Everyone,

I had the best day with seven very creative, hard-working, comical and motivated women that came together to work on their Chelsea Cottage quilts.

When I assigned them "homework" at the class two weeks ago, I didn't actually expect them to do it.....but they did! I was delighted at the results.

I put a little Smilebox presentation together. Click on the PLAY button and enjoy. There is music, so turn your speakers up. As you are watching, you can put your mouse over a picture, click, and it will enlarge. Click again and it will go back to the normal size. When you are finished watching, hit your escape key to get out of the program.

Thanks go to all of the ladies for making the class so much fun....and each of you got an "A+". We had such a good time, that we are planning a Chelsea Cottage Tea Party in March to share the finished quilts with one another.  I think I'm going to wear a hat to our tea party! 

As always,


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  1. Cool photo book! Great job! Made everything look so beautiful!

  2. Wonderful fabric choices!!! Be sure to post pictures from your Tea Party. Can't wait to see your Hat.

  3. It looks as though there were some fantastic fabric choices. Now I'm looking forward to the tea party.

  4. How exciting for you to see that these ladies went home and put these blocks together. It's such a great quilt, and so much fun to make

  5. All such pretty fabrics - Makes me wish I could be there, too! Thanks for the smile this morning before work! : ) Julie stchsluv@aol.com