Monday, November 15, 2010

Party in the Garden Month #7

Hello Everyone,

Those of you enrolled in the Party in the Garden BOM will be receiving all of the fabric to complete the birdhouse this week.  This is my favorite block of the quilt.  (I think I say that every month.)  But it really is my favorite block.

It was Joe's idea to add the strip of pink under the scallop on the left.....and it it perfect.  I always run ideas by him, and occasionally he will surprise me with his own quilting thoughts and additions to my current projects.

I finally finished machine quilting Summer's Blush and got it off of the quilting machine.  The poor quilt had been rolled up for over a week.  I try to keep quilts on the machine for a minimal amount of time so they won't wrinkle as much.  After completing all of the echo quilting around the hexagon flowers, I finally feel ready to add some McTavishing  to my quilting repertoire.  I have all of the Karen McTavish books, and DVD' I just need the confidence.  I guess I will have to design a quilt leaving me lots of room to McTavish.....or maybe I'll call mine McWilder.

I went through so much thread!  I lost track of the amount of times I filled up bobbins....three at a time.  I'll try to get the binding on this week while watching my favorite shows in the evening.  I hardly ever work on binding in the daylight hours.  Luckily, it is supposed to get cold later on this week, so I'll be nice and toasty with the big, comfy quilt across my lap while I stitch.  I'm thinking about making another Summer's Blush, (groan, groan) in Civil War fabrics.  I think it would be beautiful and I've got enough in the stash to pull it off.  First though I need to write up the pattern after decoding my cryptic notes.

I'm off to the shop this morning to work and mail out the BOM packages.  It's always fun to help the customers and see their beautiful projects.  It is so inspiring! 

As always,



  1. Your quilting is really stunning! Really! Love love it! What kind of a long arm do you have?

  2. Summers Blush looks wonderful. I am so looking forward to seeing it in all its final glory. Joe was rright about that pink you added in, it's a great touch.

  3. Jorun Kathrin LundMay 11, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    Summer´s Blush is the most beautiful quilt I´ve seen. Congratulations from Norway !