Friday, November 26, 2010

Repurposing an old treasure

Hello Everyone,

I'm a firm believer in repurposing's almost as good as recycling. I was rummaging around in our garage (oh how I wish I had a basement), and found this old toolbox that I bought a few years ago and had completely forgotten about. What was once used to carry tools for a workman, now holds tools.  The whole Wild Rose fat quarter collection, plus other Blackbird Design fabric, have found a new location.  I have an applique pattern all drawn up just waiting to be born using this fabric line. Now if I can just find the time........

The toolbox holds tons of fat quarters that I can see at a glance without sorting through piles looking for just the "right" shade or pattern.  This will look nice in my sewing room and is easy to cart downstairs while I'm working on an applique project while watching television. 

Do you love to fondle fabric as much as I do?  Do you fold and re-fold, arrange and re-arrange?  Is this an illness or does it satisfy a basic need to organize your treasures?  I don't have the answers, all I know is that I love the feel, the color, the patterns and the "look" once I'm finished organizing and rearranging.  An added plus is that it also reminds me what I've tucked away in the pie safe and closet years ago!  Speaking of pie, I can't wait to have the Thanksgiving leftovers today!

Have a great day everyone organizing and looking for treasures.

As always,



  1. Lynn, what a great idea! I love the look and it has a really good purpose! Genius!

  2. Folding, stroking, refolding fabric? Yep definitely an illness, but one we all suffer from! That fabric range looks wonderful, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.