Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Road Trip Time

Hello Everyone,

Tuesday morning Joe, Zinny and I set off on a road trip to Quilters' Paradise in Clovis, California. It's almost a three hour drive through all of the agricultural lands of the great Central Valley of California, the breadbasket of the United States. 
This shop lives up to the name!  I was in Paradise in this quilt shop.  There are beautiful displays wherever you look.  Lace, rick-rack and buttons are also on display throughout the whole shop.
The purpose of the trip was to drop off my Party in the Garden quilt and patterns.  The quilt is going to love being in this shop!  It has been making the rounds to quilt shows and will now stay put for a few months here at Quilters' Paradise.

The shop is located in Olde Town Clovis.  It is full of antique stores, restaurants and cute little alcoves of shops to wander through.  I can't wait to go back and wander around some more.

Landscape quilts of Yosemite.

Sweet miniature quilts too.

The shop and the town are definitely worth a road trip.  It is so much fun to find a new quilt shop that you really like. If you can't make a road trip, check out their website.

As always,



  1. That shop really does look like it lives up to it's name. Now I'm going to have to check out their website.

  2. Yes, your quilt will love being in the shop. Who wouldn't???!!! Looks like it was well worth the drive! Thanks for all the great pics!

  3. Lynn, Your quilt will be a welcome guest in our shop....We are very excited to have it, along with the other patterns of yours that we have. It was so great to meet you and have you visit.

  4. I have been to that quilt shop and fell in love with it. So many samples displayed. What's funny is I just spoke with my girlfriend (who lives in Madera) and she wants me to come and stay with her so we can go to the quilt shop together, and she's not a quilter. Can't wait to see your quilt on display.