Monday, November 29, 2010

The Polar Express

Hello Everyone,

The polar express thundered down from Canada and covered the cabin with a thick blanket of snow and cold, cold temperatures. I was constantly humming......... "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...."  You don't want to know the level of effort that it took me to trudge my way down to the backyard to get this picture. It was exhausting!

The wishing well in the backyard is wishing for warmer weather right about now.
The air was filled with angel dust.
The sunlight through the trees was breathtaking.  (Mainly because I was so tired from walking through the hip-deep snow).

Luckily we didn't loose the electricity while we were there.  Our grandson Austin, and our eldest son Chuck, had to do quite a bit of shoveling to get to the barbecue.  The tri-tips were well worth their effort and a nice change from turkey.  You really work up an appetite after playing in the snow all day. 

This is my view out of the kitchen window.....snow all the way to the bottom of the window and the deck railings.  The trees looked like umbrellas just waiting to spring open, showering you with flakes. Well actually dumping huge amounts of the wet stuff down the collar of your jacket......I speak from experience!

Zinny and little Jess had an absolute ball playing.  They wore each other out.

Now Jess, you know what they say about yellow snow!

I'll be at the quilt shop today and back in the quilting mode.  When the grandkids are around, quilting gets pushed to the background and stays there.

As always,



  1. You sure did get the snow. I love to admire it in pictures, but not so much in person! Your pictures really are beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and really enjoyed your family! Wonderful!

  2. Hello From Canada,

    The snow looks beautiful against the logs of your cabin and the evergreen scenery. Sorry if the cold air came down from Canada, we had it in the minus 30s last week, but have warmed up about 20 degrees (Celcius that is). Oh well, it just makes me feel like snuggling inside with my quilting.


  3. Hello from Florida,

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful - I grew up in Ohio - but the trees weren't nearly as large as those appear to be! It was a very warm Thanksgiving for us - in the 70's - hot and humid but still fun to be with family. I know I'd love a few days of fun in the snow . . . thanks for sparking my memories! Julie

  4. Beautiful pictures, but best viewed from indoors!

  5. Great pictures. I agree with the last post. Best viewed from indoors. I'm such a wimp.