Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bouquets for you

Hello Everyone,

Busy week here getting ready for Christmas. I had my drop-in class for Party in the Garden Tuesday night at the shop, and look at some of the cute ideas the ladies came up with. 

Paula showed us how to make folded flower petals which she made for her mailbox block.
Isabel liked them so much that she made them for the whole flower box.  They just popped right out and made the flower box 3-dimensional.  All the girls oohhhhed and aahhhhed over this block.  I'll have to put a tutorial together to show how you make these.

The flowers are just as cute as they can be.
Carol is so precise when she fussy-cuts her flower petals.  Every bud is centered 'just so'.  Look at her realistic leaves she cut out of the fat quarter that was in her fabric packet.  Her attention to detail is adding great value to her heirloom quilt.

Mary got the "NOW WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT" award.  She puts her prepared freezer paper petals and leaves in little salsa cups.  She puts the lids on and writes the description on the top in very little printing. 

More decorating today here in the city house.  First, all of the Fall decorations have to be put away.  Then all of the Christmas boxes have to be dragged out from the closet under the stairs and out of the rafters in the garage.  Then the house is totally torn upside down for the three days that it takes me to get everything in place.  The twins are coming over this afternoon to help me with the lighted Christmas village that has grown exponentially over the past 30+ years.  This is becoming a tradition for us now that the girls are getting older and love to decorate too. I have to make sure to pass on the "I love to decorate for Christmas gene"! 

I hope all of you have a wonderful week decorating while singing carols.  Don't trip over all those boxes like I did!

As always,



  1. What a wonderful tradition!! I love the flower appliques. They are gorgeous. Those ladies are so creative!

  2. I think those flowers would be the perfect embellishment for my little cosmetics bags! I would love to know how to do them.

  3. Wow, what talented ladies. Looking forward to the tutorial on the flowers.

  4. Clever flowers.

    Hope you didn't hurt yourself too much when you tripped, and managed to get your decorating done?