Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Windows Quilt

Hello Everyone,

This quilt is called Christmas Windows by Brandywine Designs. This is my favorite Christmas quilt that I made several years ago.  The other evening at my drop-in class, Mary showed us her "almost finished" quilt blocks. I'm sure we left some drool marks on them!  Here is my finished quilt.  This was the second quilt that I quilted on my quilting machine and I was a nervous wreck on this one.

I posted some close-up shots of some of Mary's blocks and some of mine.  I think Mary and I are kindred spirits.  We just met a couple of months ago, yet look at how similar our blocks are!  I made mine years before I ever met Mary.

Example #1 - Lynn's
Example #1 - Mary's
Example #2 - Lynn's
Example #2 - Mary's
Example #3 - Lynn's  (Now this is where it starts to get a little scary.  Look how we each fussy cut our flowers using paisley!)

Example #3 - Mary's  (I'm loving Mary's Buffalo check)

Example #4 - Lynn's

Example #4 - Mary's

Example #5 - Lynn's

Example #5 - Mary's

Example #6 - Lynn's

Example #6 - Mary's (I have Buffalo check envy at this point!)

Mary, you are a woman after my own heart.  I love your precision, and the way you fussy cut exactly the same way I do!  You have great attention to detail and it shows!  You bring your "spark" to class every month.  Thank you so much for entertaining all of us!

Unless you are super-quilter-extraordinaire, do not attempt to make this quilt by Christmas 2010.  But if you start now................

As always,



  1. I love love LOVE this quilt. It's so pretty and romantic. Love it. Each of yours and Mary's blocks ARE so similar. I love both sets! Lynn, you did a beautiful job on the quilting. Beginner, yeah right.

  2. Looking at this quilt makes me wish I was good at applique. Sadly I'm not though. Your quilt is beautiful and Mary's will be equally gorgeous.

  3. To Whom It May Concern,
    I too would like to have a go at making the above Christmas Windows Quilt.
    Do you perhaps provide a kit or pattern of sorts for such for my wife, Sandy Grimbeek?
    Kind Regards,