Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Party in the Garden.....Month #8....Playing House

Hello Everyone,

I just realized yesterday that I forgot to post a picture of the block for December for Party in the Garden BOM. Since no one complained or brought it to my attention, I guess you are all just as busy as I am with Christmas preparations. 

I would love to walk up the steps and enter this little house.  Do you suppose it is all decorated for Christmas  inside?  There goes my imagination.  I really haven't been into the Peppermint Schnapps this early in the morning!

As a child, I loved, and I do mean loved to play house.  I spent hours raking pine needles and leaves creating rooms, doors, and walls to my outdoor house.  I would gather all of my "dollies" together and we would spend the day outdoors playing house. 

On the days I couldn't be outside, I made cute little houses inside.  I washed and ironed the doll clothes, made pretend food,  cared for the little ones, and of course I taught them their lessons and read to my dolls.

Through the decades my love for playing house continued.  First with my own children and now with the grandchildren.  I'm still playing house and enjoying every minute of it.  The child in me has yet to grow up....thank goodness!

Enjoy making your house block.  Decorate it with your love and creativity.  Make it your house by personalizing it with your style. 

I hope all of you have a wonderful time 'playing house' while you go about your day.

As always,



  1. It's just so pretty Lynn! Your applique is so beautiful. Do you needleturn or machine?

  2. I wish I lived in that house, and I would certainly invite you in for some Christmas cheer.