Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The fruits of your labor.....

Hello Everyone,

Before the Christmas season gets away, sit down, relax and enjoy all of your hard work.  I've been walking by the tree for the last couple of weeks, but I haven't taken the time to sit down and really look at the tree and enjoy it.  Too busy you say?  Well yes.  I'm guilty of not stepping back and slowing down.  Do I need to do everything that's on my list?  No, I don't and if things don't get finished, I will be ahead of the game next year.

Normally all of the gingerbread people end up decorating the kitchen.  This year, they had a revolt and placed themselves front and center in the living room.  The little kids love them!

Last year I made these stockings and the girls made the name tags for each one.  For Christmas dinner we will take them off the tree, put a napkin in it, and the table is very festive.  The little kids love these too.

Emily helped me with the Christmas village in the pie safe.

Kinsey helped too.  The girls love to arrange and rearrange all the people, sleighs, and figurines.  They spent hours playing with the Christmas village.

I have a fun Christmas lunch to attend today with my favorite quilting group.  Christmas play tonight at my granddaughter's school to attend.  In between all the festivities, I'll try to get back to the quilting machine to work on the placemats.  Oh yes, I'm going to sit for awhile and enjoy EVERYTHING!

As always,



  1. Your decorations are just gorgeous! What a festive holiday house you have! I love seeing how fascinated the girls are with the Christmas village. I would have been just the same at that age.

  2. I love your lit mantle. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

  3. Everything looks just gorgeous. That's the wonderful thing about when you're done, you finally get to SIT back and enjoy it all!