Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Organize, organize, organize

Hello Everyone,

Before Christmas, my friend Glenda hosted a lunch at her beautiful home. Several of the Monday Ladies were there. The Monday Ladies are a talented group of quilters that come to the shop almost every Monday and quilt. After enjoying our wonderful lunch, Glenda shared her home and sewing room with us.

Here's Glenda sitting in front of her sewing cabinet and new machine.  The baskets and bins were full of nicely organized fabrics, kits, and quilting essentials. 

Now you see it.......

Now you don't!  An ironing board that folds and it swivels.  What a super idea.  My ironing board takes up so much room that I thought this would be a nifty idea for my upcoming birthday.  (Hint, hint, wink, wink to the hubby.)

Glenda's woodworking husband Ken made the cabinets and cutting table area.  It is elevated just a bit for easier and more comfort when cutting.

Beautiful family heirlooms quilts make a very attractive display.

I start out every year with the intention of being organized.  I enjoy being in my sewing room when everything is in place.  Don't you think you get more accomplished when your area is organized?  I know I do.  So since I don't make resolutions.......I'm going to make another one here in front of everyone.  I will get my sewing room organized this year and keep it organized!  I guess I should show you pictures of my sewing room, but I'm not ready for that big step just yet!  You would think I'm the most unorganized person you ever saw!  I do have some dignity that I need to maintain!

As the new year approaches, we are all bombarded with sales, flyers, and emails that stress getting organized.  I'm going to take it a step farther, and try to organize something in my house or the cabin at the beginning of each month. I'll approach the first of every month just like it was the beginning of a New Year. I'll devote a day at the beginning of the month to one area that needs a bit or a lot of help. 

Are you on board with me?  Can I have a few more months please???

As always,



  1. Glenda's sewing studio is beautiful! So organized. She could be featured in a magazine. Mine never stays organized if I'm working in it, either. I'm going to try to be better about it too.

  2. That is a beautiful sewing studio.

    As for being organised, I have to be as my house is small and almost every room has to double up as something else. For example, my conservatory is a sewing room, which also has to be an additional living room and sometimes a bedroom!

  3. That's a real hard word to even say ORGANIZE ** I get my sewing room organized and low and behold I want to start a new project and pull and pull for the right colors, then I wonder what happened to that word organize? I even read in a magazine that if you put on a nice dress, fix your hair and look nice you'd feel better when you sew ~ It's on a bad hair day that is upsetting! When I move things to organize IT'S HARD FINE! I just purchased new sewing machine, sold my old one and one of my sewing tables so I had to unload everything that was in the table. I thought I would be in big trouble and not be able to find what I needed, but I'm doing pretty good. Sewing room is organized and I'm going to start a new project .... OH MY! Thanks Lynn for sharing the wonderful day with Glenda, now I only wish I had a wood working husband! Love her sewing room....
    I'm looking forward to a New Year of enjoying your blogs! Happy sewing....