Monday, December 20, 2010

Are you a believer?

Hello Everyone,

Our annual visit from Santa was last night. We always have the reading of the Polar Express, then Santa miraculously appears at the door for the true believers.  I'm so glad that the little ones can read the story to us now.  I used to read it, but I always get choked up at the end.....still, after all the times I've read it!

Santa is our dear friend Mike.  He loves his job and is so good at it.  He watched our children grow up, and now he is watching our six grandchild grow up.

Austin is a good sport and played along with Santa.  He also was the main source of entertainment for the rest of the evening by keeping the little ones entertained AND he helped do the dishes.  He's on Santa's "nice" list in my book.
Little Jess didn't want Santa to leave.  As Santa was ready to go out the door, Jess grabbed hold of his leg and told him he loved him.  About that time we were all choked up!  Later on in the evening, Jess was outside looking up on the roof for the reindeer.

I've been busy making Christmas napkins.  I just cut a semi-circle out of two fabrics and serged them together.  It's all in the folding to create a tree.

Pillows were next on my list for Santa Mike and his wife Mrs. Mike.  (Santa promised he would try not to drool on these during his afternoon nap!)

The nine pillowcases I made for the little kids had a dual role.

They were filled with the presents, then stuffed into Santa's black bag.

We are all another year older since Santa's last visit. The 8 and 9 year-olds are on the brink of questioning the reality of Santa.  After seeing them in awe of Santa's visit last night, I can tell they are a believer in the magic of Santa.  I know I'm a about you?

As always,



  1. Lynn, what a fabulous thing that you do for the children in your family! It reminds me of when our kids were young, my father in law would dress in a Santa suit and come to door, to the delight of the children. No more visits from Santa (he is at the homes where little children live), but we still maintain the tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas from a special book. The reader always signs the book on the back fly leaf. It goes back about 30 years or more! Some past readers are no longer with us (like my mother), so the book is beyond precious.

  2. I'm definitely a believer! And I truly loved hearing about Jess and his experience with Santa! We don't have any little ones anymore - we're at that in-between stage -- kids are all grown and out of college but no grandbabies yet! I'm hoping Santa brings my daughter an engagement ring for Christmas - at least that will put me closer to grandbabies! Happy Holidays! julie

  3. Ohhh, I'm a believer too!! You bet! That is such a great idea to use the pillow cases for wrapping! Sooooo smart!! I'm going to try making those napkins too. Just got the pattern. They look so nice. I love all the pics with the grandkids. Lynn, they are just too sweet. Isn't funny how you can read a book a million times and still get choked up?? I love that!

  4. Oh no, are you telling me he doesn't exist?

  5. When I was a child of eight and mum was about to deliver my baby sister we had a visit from Santa. It was my Uncle Charlie, at that time it was the most amazing night I had ever experienced as a child, not until many years later did I realize who was wearing the special mans red suit. Still a believer of magical moments.