Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy, Busy Week....

Hello Everyone,

All I want to do is quilt, but that gets pushed aside for daily chores, errands, walking Zinny (and Joe), accounting for our little business and yard work.  But I have managed to quilt a little every single day.  It all adds up by the end of the week and I could actually see some progress.  Month #3 for Enchanted Autumn is coming together.  Notice that I managed to get some plaid into my pumpkin!  Now if I could just figure out how to grown plaid pumpkins in the yard!  I'll have to talk with Candace at Squash House Quilts about growing plaid pumpkins.

I'm excited about finishing up this UFO.  These sections are going to look so good together.  I still ask myself why I put this quilt away and didn't finish it years ago.  I love this quilt!  I also still love the color palette that I chose eons ago.

I have just three more flowers to finish on Summer's Blush.  That name just isn't going to work on this version.  I've been auditioning borders and decided on the red and black.  My to-do list today includes making the four corner blocks.  Then I'm just down to the borders!  I'm working on the final draft of the pattern directions.  This is on my to-do list also today. 

Time to get off this computer and start tackling "THE LIST".

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of fun things to do and see.

As always,



  1. Happy Friday, where did the week go? Love the plaid on the pumpkin. I'm finishing up a little quilt today. Hope to see you on Monday.

  2. Hah - you're too funny, Lynn! Maybe Mr. Squash and I will see about growing that plaid pumpkin in our garden this summer - you'll get first dibs! I really do know what you mean about getting enough time to quilt - and I'm retired! Seems those chores don't go away in retirement - lol! Enjoy your weekend and I hope there is lots of quilting time in it!

  3. Enjoy the weekend and I hope you find loads of time to quilt.

    I love the idea of you growing plaid pumpkins - I bet they'd really catch on.

  4. You have been busy, and what pretty things you have to show for it! I just want to sew too, and finally see the end in sight for my Belle Meade project. Isn't it a nuisance when work gets in the way of quilting? Loving your family recipes, by the way. I plan to have them bound at Kinkos. Wonderful collection!