Monday, January 24, 2011

Show and Tell

Hello Everyone,

Let's start the day with a little "bling" from Evelynne.  If you click on the image it will magnify it so you can see it much better.  I love what Evelynne did with the mailbox block from Party in the Garden. From the bling to the pretty embroidery stitch to the special flowers that Paula taught us how to make, Evelynne made a very special little block!  See the tutorial from December here

Barbara brought in her Chelsea Cottage quilt for all of us to see last Monday. She took the Chelsea Cottage class from me a couple of months ago.  Her quilt is 'Christmassy' without being too 'Christmassy', so she will be enjoying it the whole year through.  Barbara is relatively new to applique but you would never know that when you looked at her work.
The cottage is so inviting with the warm glow coming from the windows.  Look at the flange!  Barbara added a flange to the applique center!

I have more customer quilts to post this week that will also brighten your day.  I'm off to work this morning at the shop.  I'm sure some of you will be stopping by so we can chat for a bit and ooohh and aaahhh over quilts!  I know, I know, it's a tough job seeing all of these beautiful creations....such fun!

As always,



  1. Love Barbara's Chelsea Cottage! I definitely don't think it's too Christmasy. Perfect. The flange is just the right touch too.

  2. I sure wish I could stop in and chat, Lynn! Maybe even buy something - LOL! Chelsea Cottage is stunning - and the mailbox - wouldn't everyone love to have their mailbox look like that? Love the little extra bling, too!