Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Idea for Your Quilting Group

Hello Everyone,

My friend Barbara brought this fun quilt to the shop for us to see.  It was made by the Adobe Art Center Quilter's from Hayward, CA.  The pattern is from an Amy Bradley Design called Quilter's Yearbook.

Each of the group's members fashioned a likeness of themselves to present to Colleen, the leader of the group as a thank you gift....and it was a surprise!  This is Colleen.

There was so much creativity and thought that went into each and every block.  This looks like a fun-loving group to me!

Not only does it look like they are having a good time, they also are very talented quilters.

Here is my friend Barbara who put all of the blocks together, selected the great backing, and did the binding. 

I love the jewelry!

Sadly, Mere passed away before the quilt was presented to Colleen. The block Mere made of herself with pearl earrings and wire-rimmed glasses will always be a gentle reminder that Mere will always be a valued member of the quilting group.

What a gift!

As always,



  1. I have never seen anything like that! That is so darn clever, and each portrait is wonderful. What a treasure.

  2. It is such fun keeping up with you and your blogging. I have been sewing, but not so much blogging. I finished 3 tops and backs, and now comes the crunch of the machine quilting. I have to get my "brave" on. :-)

  3. How wonderful and clever! Everyone is so talented! I love REA the Farmer's Wife! The hair fabric is perfect and I've never even seen her! I can't wait to do this with my group!

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    I have just found your blog.

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    Thanks, Viv

  5. Wow! LOVE the quilt!!! The creativity, sense of humor and feel of community are wonderfully evident here! God Bless and Good Quilting!!

  6. LOL! I enjoyed every second of that quilt. Some ladies in my guild made a similar project and it was so cute as well. Too fun!!

  7. What a wonderful quilt. There is so much humour in the self portraits. I loved it.