Saturday, January 22, 2011

Summer's Blush or ?????

Hello Everyone,

I've been busy making hexagon flowers, blocks, flanges and directions for the new Summer's Blush. My friend Bev, suggested that I name this one Autumn Blast as opposed to Summer's Blush.  I wanted the flowers to be more prominent in this version and they are. The jewel tones really pop out when you see this quilt in person.

This version is much brighter than the first version.
I worked some plaid into the flower center.  This is the sum of my effort from last night while watching TV.  I was tired on sitting in front of the computer writing and calculating pattern directions.

This version is a bit smaller than the first version.  While making each block, I wrote down exactly how I put the blocks together.  Measured and re-measured, calculated and re-calculated fabric requirements...and still, I'm not finished.

Busy day and weekend ahead full of fun things to do...even pattern writing.

As always,



  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love it. Really like the sashing fabric you used also!

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I wish this could be a BOM using those exact colors. Have you given any thought of that?

  3. Gosh - combinations I would have never thought of - they work so well together, Lynn! I think your photo does a good job of showing how the jewel tones make it pop - wonderful! Those of us who make others patterns really appreciate all your hard work on writing them, too!

  4. That looks lovely too, oh and I know just what you mean about pattern writing!

  5. Your creativity just gets better and better. I love to see the wonderful quilts you produce. You are a very passionate quilter. I love your enthusiasm. It keeps me inspired. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work of art and love of quilting.

  6. I love the plaid that you worked in. The colors are so rich in this version. Gorgeous. Yes, I imagine pattern writing to be a whole different "beast," but you do it so well!