Sunday, December 9, 2012

Butterscotch Baskets

Hello Everyone,

I finished the last basket yesterday for Butterscotch Baskets.

Then I stitched all of the blocks together and this is what I have so far.  I'm loving this quilt and I'm so glad that I made it larger.  By the time I get the borders on, it will fit nicely on a queen-size bed.

The remaining 16 blocks are made and need to be sewn together into squares of four, with the little red square in the center. Each cluster of four stars ends up with twenty different fabrics in them. I love it!  This gives me twenty opportunities to add more color through little pieces of scraps. I haven't counted the number of fabrics I used, but I'll bet it is over 200 different fabrics.  Now that's a scrappy quilt! Then I need to make 4 more setting triangle sections with the pinwheel and put a border on her. That is all going to have to wait until after Christmas.

In Between Stitches has a Preview Party three times a year......and today is the day at The Purple Orchid.  I'll have two completed quilts on display and one unfinished flimsy.   What is a Preview Party?  I'm so glad you asked.  Well, all of the instructors at In Between Stitches say a few words about our quilts and the classes that we will be teaching from January through April.  The theme is Toyland, and all of the attendees bring a toy to donate to Toys for Tots.  Also, half of the proceeds from the $10 fee goes directly to Toys for Tots.  In addition to that, there will be a catered lunch!  This is the hottest ticket in town and it sold out several weeks ago.

I'm off to start my fun day.  I'll post pictures of the party tomorrow.....or Tuesday......or Wednesday..............



  1. Hi Lynn,

    Beautiful quilt and always a reward when you are delighted with the finish!!!

    Hope you are injoying the weekend!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  2. Your Butterscotch Baskets is gorgeous...absolutely YUMMY!!

  3. What a gorgeous Scrappy quilt. Another beautiful creation that you have designed :-D

  4. I LOVE this! I'm glad you made it big. Will you quilt it yourself?

  5. This quilt looks so fantastic. I love this so much.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  6. Oh it's positively fabulous, I love your colors!

  7. I'd definitely say this is the ultimate in scrap quilts, Lynn! I have a feeling ALL your quilt classes will be sold out instantly at the preview party! Have fun!

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! I am so in love with this quilt! It may have to go on my 2013 goals list! You have selected wonderful colors.

  9. Your Preview day sounds wonderful and I'm sure your classes will fill up in no time.

  10. The basket quilt is oh so good. I always seem to be attracted to a basket design. Good colors and good design in this one.

  11. Your butterscotch basket quilt is really lovely. The colours are just my cup of tea!

  12. Love this quilt...just my colours too!
    Have fun at the preview party...
    Julia ♥

  13. This quilt gets more amazing every time I see it. It's Beautiful!