Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moving Forward

Hello Everyone,
First of all, I want to thank all of you for your input on the size of the Butterscotch Basket quilt.  You have spoken, and I have listened.....I am going to make a bed-sized quilt, not a square quilt.  I started making more baskets immediately!

Then I started making more pinwheels and setting triangles.

I had to switch gears and make some little presents.  My daughter-in-law tells me every Christmas that she is the ONLY Wilder without a Holiday Treats Table runner.

I'm teaching this class on Tuesday at In Between Stitches, so I started getting everything ready for class.  One present led to another and before I knew it, I had a table full of presents.

I keep going to my plaid "well".  I'm afraid that one of these days the well is going to run dry.

These little presents are so much fun to make.

I'm machine appliqueing the bows to the background using a buttonhole stitch.  I always thread my bobbin thread through the bobbin hook when I buttonhole stitch.  Some machine have it, some don't.  It changes the tension just enough to create a nicer stitch.  (If my machine wasn't packed, I'd show you a picture of it.)

The plaids, polka dots and stripes are so festive together.

It all works.  Pairing the fabrics up for this runner is so much fun that I just want to keep making more and more!

It's not too late to start your own Holiday Treats Tablerunner by Laura Nownes.  The shop also has the pattern available if you are interested in ordering one......maybe for next year?

There is going to be a break in our stormy California weather long enough for us to drive back to the Bay Area this morning without getting pelted with rain.  Decorating will begin in earnest the minute I get home.  It usually takes me three to four days to get the house decorated for Christmas and only half a day to put everything away.  Why is that?

Enjoy your weekend everyone.  I'm sure all of you will be in full Christmas mode, making, baking, decorating and quilting.    



  1. How adorable! Thanks for mentioning threading through the bobbin thingie. I had totally forgotten about that! Have fun decorating!
    Put pics on the blog!

    Cheery wave!

  2. I hope you won't be driving with an outboard motor, Lynn! I've had this pattern for a while now - you're giving me the incentive to finally make it! Great idea with the bobbin! I'll give it a try on my Bernina!

  3. That is a super cool table runner - no wonder she squeaks about it. ;D Love the fabrics. And yeah - now I'm super intrigued about just what this "bobbin hook" is and how one can use it to manipulate tension.