Friday, December 14, 2012

Out of My Comfort Zone

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I worked outside my comfort zone on this pillow top. Why is it, I can put 25 different colors together in a large block without any issues......but not four colors?  Four different colors and my brain freezes.  Notice I was able to work a plaid into the mix.

I scanned this picture of my granddaughter that was made in 2002 and printed it on Printed Treasures fabric.  The picture always reminded me of Cindyloo Who from the Grinch book.  I thought I would whip a pillow together yesterday morning......wrong.

I made more flying geese that you can shake a stick at and I still wasn't happy.  Not being one to let this get the best of me, I stuck with it and finally finished the pillow after dinner last night.

I'll put this on the quilting machine and quilt it before I put the backing on it.  Last night I packed up all of this fabric and put it away in the closet so I won't have to look at it for awhile.  I'm sure my daughter-in-law is going to like her pillow.......the verdict is still out with me.

Today I have to write some Christmas cards.  I went through every picture that we took last year and tried to pick out the best of the best for my Christmas letter, that I call The Wilder Times.  It was nice to reminisce and look back over the year.  What a year it was!  I always try to put a slide show together for a year in review and we watch it together as a family Christmas Day.  I need to get busy or it's not going to happen! Gotta go......



  1. This is a GREAT idea! I love the colors you chose! It's a gorgeous pillow that will be treasured forever!

    Cheery wave!


  2. Wonderful pillow! Looks like it should be framed and hung.

  3. It's delightful! You did a marvelous job with just those 4 colors. :)

  4. How cute it is, Lynn - and worth the struggle! I like your commenter above's idea of framing it, too! Enjoy your day!

  5. I reckon your DIL will LOVE her cushion. I know I do, but then I would wouldn't I, sonce you decided to Pick Four fabrics!