Friday, December 7, 2012

Catching Up

Hello Everyone,
There are some major events coming along in the next few days that I'm preparing for......the Preview Party this Sunday and a brunch at the house next week.....and a visit from Santa the week before Christmas for all the little ones in the family. (I have been known to sit on Santa's lap too!)
I'm dividing my time by devoting four hours in the morning to housecleaning and decorating.  The afternoons I'm in my quilt room. With all this activity, it adds a whole new meaning to the phrase, "I'd rather be quilting!"
I'm back to working on more blocks for Butterscotch Baskets.  Only 3/4 of a flimsy will be ready for Sunday....oh well.  

This is what I put together yesterday, plus five more blocks are cut and ready to be sewn.

Here are a few pictures of my decorating efforts.  This quilt is called Christmas Windows by Brandywine Designs. This has been one of my favorite quilts for Christmas.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are in "their" spot in the bay window.  I think I need to give their joints a shot of oil from the old oil can....just like the Tin Woodsman in the Wizard of Oz.  They are starting to creak as Santa paints and Mrs. Claus moves her presents.  Believe me, I know the feeling of the need to oil my old joints!

The twins finished the Christmas Village on Wednesday.  This has become a wiring nightmare.  I'm totally maxed out on the number of houses I can squeeze into the pie safe.

I'd like to stay in this B & B!  The girls did such a great job with the village.  They spend hours on it.  Then, every time they come over before Christmas, they move all the people around......again.  They feel like they are playing house and they each become a character in the scene.

This is my favorite.....the quilt and pie shop.  I should talk to the owners of In Between Stitches about selling pies down at the shop.  Don't you think that's a great idea! The customers could come in to shop and have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie at the same time.  I think I'm on to something.

I'll leave you this morning with a picture of the tree.....a plaid Christmas tree......of course!

Gotta scoot, my first four hour house cleaning/decorating shift begins right after breakfast.



  1. Exciting times for you! :D I'm just trying to keep a bit of sewing going and sneak in some decorating here and there while staying afloat for my courses. So I'm really enjoying folks like you who share their fun happenings. Thanks!

  2. It all looks so gorgeous, Lynn! I don't know about that B&B you'd like to stay in - I think I'd like to stay at the Wilder B&B with all those gorgeous decoration! The girls did an incredible job with the village - I can't even see where the wires are!
    Hope you get all that you want done and find some time to relax with Mr. Joe and Zinny!

  3. This post is such a delight! The fabrics in your blocks are just so scrumptious! Thank for showing your festive decorations...those little houses in the pie safe are so sweet! You are going to be so busy in the next little while...enjoy all the special events!

  4. Your village is just wonderful. I want to move in right now.