Monday, April 29, 2013

The Beat of a Different Drummer

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was my Toyland Tree class at In Between Stitches.  The girls got farther along on their Panda than I got on mine.
All of them have added something "special" to their little bears.

Once the eyes, nose and mouth are applied, they just seemed to come to life.

Each of the bears were in all stages of completion.

I'm going to add the candy cane drumsticks to my little guy too! 

It was fun going around the room looking the uniqueness of the little characters.

There are going to be some wonderful quilts coming out of this class just in time for Christmas.

I had to throw in a couple pictures of some Marionettes.  Just too cute not to show them!

I love the bow!

I'm off to the shop this morning to see what mischief I can get into.  I was too busy yesterday to check out the new fabrics.  There is always something new in store at the store!



  1. Beary Cute ;>) I wonder how many new plaids you might find at the store today, Lynn!

  2. That is such a fun applique! I wish I got to go and play in the store... and see what was new!