Monday, May 22, 2017

Patchwork Math Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
It's been a busy couple of days with a lecture to the Flying Needles Quilt Guild in Woodland on Thursday, and a workshop on Saturday.  Here are a few pictures from the creative quilters at the workshop.


I present the formulas and techniques for one component at a time.  You can see everyone taking good notes while I'm presenting.  Then they go off to their machines and make the designated component for that hour.

Once they've made several of the components, they start playing on the design wall.

From beginning to advanced quilters, there is always something new to learn in this class.

We had a few "aahaa" moments, and there were light bulbs going on in the class.

This was an absolutely delightful group of women.  Gail and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with this quilt guild.  You were good quilters which made our job an easy one.

I really enjoy spending good, quality time with quilters.  I love to hear their stories, see pictures of their quilting style, and watch them add new knowledge to their quilting toolbox.

Gail and I were so warmly received by the guild members.  We look forward to a return trip to the Flying Needles Guild in Woodland.



  1. Wow! What variety. It looks like a good time was had by all!

  2. I love seeing all the great blocks everyone designs! I tell you, each time I get out Patchwork Math, I have an ah ha moment!

  3. Looks like some good blocks in the making!! And I got your book out this last month when I wanted to make some flying geese that would finish at 3x1.5". It's a fantastic basics book that I will never get rid of!! Hugs, H

  4. It's always so interesting to see the different layouts and colour combinations that your gals come up with.