Friday, January 10, 2020

Best of Days Designing

Hello Everyone,
I having the best of days designing with Best of Days fabric from Henry Glass & Co.

The instant I opened the box of Henry Glass fabrics, I saw a fall design in my future.

Stayed tuned so you can see who lives inside the little pumpkins.  I'm having fun in my role as Brand Ambassador.  I have two projects in the more to go. 
You know I have to think about machine quilting my projects, and my long arm is in the unheated garage.  I actually looked at a pair of heated pants on Amazon. Now wouldn't they make quite the fashion statement! I'm sure they would make Mr. Joe swoon.  The snow is supposed to fall in earnest next week. Our garage is detached from the cabin, and I have to walk uphill to get to it.  With my luck, I would fall into a snowbank and my behind would get zapped with a heating element!  Oh, the trials and tribulations of mountain life. 

Stinkin' Cute Pumpkins!

Every morning I get up with the chickens, and begin my work/play day.  In reality there are NO chickens here because the coyotes, mountain lions, and raccoons would eat them.  Yesterday morning I was greeted with a dusting of snow.  It didn't last too long, but long enough to turn the mountain into a fairyland for a few hours.

Company arrives today, our son and his family.  I'll be putting my projects on hold over the weekend.  I'll be playing cards, and cooking with the grand kids.  I may try to sneak in some applique in the early morning hours while they sleep. 
Our 18-year-old granddaughter took the weekend off from work and college so she could be here at the cabin. She loves doing activities with family. She missed out on the fun after Christmas since she had to work the after Christmas sales.  It makes us so happy that she wants to spend time with us old folks......she keeps us young.  She is so special, and so is our time together. Maybe this will be the visit when we beat her at Rummikub!  Not one bone of competiveness in any of us.....seriously....NOT!
Madam Ambassador


  1. Oh my gosh...I love those little pumpkins!

  2. Thank you for commenting Joan. These little guys and the fabrics are speaking to me!

  3. Have a great family weekend. Sounds like fun ... over Christmas we had Parcheesi battles! Lol!

  4. Dear Susie,
    I used to love Parcheesi! It's been a long time since I've played it.

  5. Oh those pumpkins are so cute! I love the little 9-patches in the windows. I had to laugh at the image of you falling in the snow and perhaps melting a hole in the walkway with your heated seat! Have fun with the grands. They are the best!

    1. Dear Wendy,
      Thank was quite the image of me in a snow bank. I have gotten stuck in deep snow before, and it's no fun. I would have to wait until the Spring thaw! Lynn

  6. Love that cozy pic of the ironing board/design board in the window. And the heated pants....not such a grand idea in my book!! Hubby and I have been playing rumikub almost every night since Christmas. Got to keep the old brain thinking somehow!! Ejnoy your time with your family!! Hugs, H

  7. I've nixed the idea of heat pants. I'm afraid the hot pants fashion ship sailed a long time ago!