Friday, January 17, 2020

Moda Blockheads 3

Hello Everyone,
When I saw the start of the Moda Block Heads 3, I knew I had to make one.  I have a half yard bundle of Sarah's Story by Betsy Chutchian just begging to be I did.  I'm going to make my blocks using only Betsy's fabrics and call it Betsy's Medley since I'll be combining several different lines that Betsy has designed..

I had to join in on the fun because I've made this block literally hundreds of times.  I've made four Country Charmer quilts with this block.  This is my most popular pattern of all time and it has been in Keepsake Quilting catalog.

My second most popular pattern is Heritage.....and there is that same block again, this time turned on point.  This quilt has also been in Keepsake Quilting.

I helped my guild make their scholarship quilt, also using this same block and my Heritage pattern.

I include block layout sheets in all of my patterns when there are a lot of pieces.  This will keep you organized.

I cut out my fabrics and placed them on the sheet.  I always say, if the piece doesn't fit, you cannot commit to using that piece.  The success of the block begins with exact cutting.

I work my way around the block and stitch as many pieces as I can in one pass around the layout sheet.

When it comes to sewing those little, pesky triangles to the square, I use a corner trimmer and trim the corners at a 90 degree angle.  Then the triangle is ready for stitching.  Also, I turn the unit over, with the triangle against the feed dogs on my machine and stitch.  The stretchy, bias part is then fed in by the feed dogs and not by my fingers that may stretch the unit.

I cut the corners off the next triangle at a 45 degree angle.

When I turn it over and place it on the unit, there's absolutely no guesswork involved.  It fits perfectly.

After I have all of the sections stitched together, I then put the rows together.

Click HERE for a more comprehensive tutorial on my blog that will walk you through the construction of this block.  It's a tutorial I put together several years ago when Country Charmer was a worldwide quilt along.

By clicking HERE you will be directed to the Moda website and find out how you can download the free directions in three different sizes. 

This is one of the fabric lines that I will be using.  It is so gorgeous, and is available in shops now.

So wish me luck keeping up with this program.  It's one more thing on my plate, but it is a delicious part of the plate.



  1. I'm so glad I found your Country Charmer pattern - I don't remember where I first saw it last year but it led me to you and I ordered it immediately. I hadn't realized the same block is in the next pattern you show but on point - so many different color combos can keep the block going for sure. Thanks for the very well written directions and the pattern layout sheet

  2. Thank YOU Karen for your kind words. The Country Charmer block can be challenging to some. You are breezing right through them!

  3. I'd say those are two of my favorites of your quilts too...along with Lil' Orphan Scrappy. It is great to see your fabric choices and tips here. I bought a corner trimmer long ago and will finally get around to using it with your tips here. And maybe get to make the Country Charmer someday though I think I'm heading to Heritage first. I love that quilt :-) Hope you are staying warm!

    1. Thank you Loris! A corner trimmer is a great tool to have in your quilting toolbox. I use mine all of the time. --Lynn

  4. That is such a beautiful block!
    I'm currently working on a Farmer's Wife quilt. At first I found it a little annoying that all the angled pieces of the templates--which I usually avoid--were trimmed like this, requiring extra cuts on tiny pieces. However, my precision in these little blocks has me now a big fan! Thank you for your explanation of how do this! I've never even heard of a corner trimmer?!

    1. Thank you Cheree! I always tell students, when sewing a triangle to a square, trim the triangle corners at 90 degrees. When sewing a triangle to an angle, trim at 45 degrees. It takes a bit of getting used to. --Lynn

  5. I have made both of your patterns and am collecting CW fabrics to remake Country Charmer. I love your layout sheets for previewing and correct piecing.

    1. I look forward to seeing your CW Country Charmer. I know your quilt will be wonderful. --Lynn