Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat Day 3

 Hello Everyone,

Here is just part of the show and tell from the retreat last night which was inspiring and amazing at the same time.

The amount of creativity in the room was over the top.

This quilt was embroidered by hand.

This is my 'Spoken For' pattern.

This quilt is my 'Party in the Garden' pattern.

Jeannie painted the panels in her quilt.

The mini quilt show was brought to you by these amazingly talented, funny, compassionate, strong, and beautiful women.

This is a picture of the 'Dutch Mafia', 

The girls modeled their little Dutch slippers.

Here are the 'Needle Nellies' from Georgetown, CA.

We are so blessed to have this time together to make new friends and hear life stories, sometimes funny and other times full of strength and resilience.  What a group!


P.S. I will never look at a pair of tube socks and tennis balls without thinking of someone in this room.....and you know who you are!  


  1. WOW What talent! The quilts are stunning!!! What fun you all are having. I know you are enjoying every minute!

  2. Couou Lynn,
    Je suis vraiment triste car cela fait plusieurs jours que je ne reçois plus tes articles.
    J'ai demandé à mon informaticien mais il me dit qu'il ne peut rien faire car le problème est vraisemblament de ton côté.
    C'est vraiment dommage.
    Monique D

  3. Such a talented group and all SO fun and nice. A great time. My heart is full whenever I leave this place.

  4. Another beautiful time becomes a memory. Led by the amazing YOU!

  5. I always want to bring show & tell but with 3 people in the car, we run out of room!