Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 24.....REALLY??..ALREADY???

Hello Everyone!

I'm back from spending the Thanksgiving holiday making memories with two of my children and their wonderful families. The whole Wilder clan couldn't make it to the cabin, but the majority of them were there with us.

We had an agenda that only included having fun and putting the Christmas tree up. The tree is 15' tall and weighs 300 lbs when it's all assembled. We need the brute strength of our sons to tackle this tree.

Grandson Austin was the designated high ornament placer. He's getting so tall that he won't be needing a ladder.

Thanks to friends and family, we have many special "cabiny" ornaments. My sister has outfitted our entire tree by giving us ornaments over the past decade that include moose fishing, moose in canoes, bears get the picture. The ornaments are adorable.

We have rakes and brooms of all sizes that fit little hands. Little Jess and Zinny cleared the driveway.

Harleigh cleared a path so we wouldn't slip on the pine needles.

Austin and Harleigh both stacked wood.

The little boy cousins raced down the driveway under close supervision.

Remember playing so hard as a child that you literally just curl up and fall asleep. This is my little grandson Kade, that did just that. So much fresh, crisp air, playing with Zinny and running up and down the hills as fast as his little legs could carry him attributed to his utter exhaustion.

Today and the rest of the week I'll continue my preparation for Christmas by decorating the "city" house. Maybe I'll just curl up on the floor at the end of the day too. I found a quote by Leonardo DaVinci that fits the picture of Kade.

"A well spent day brings happy sleep."

Here's wishing all of you "happy sleep" tonight.

As always,

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