Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 32....Book for inspiration

Hello and happy Monday,

No time for me to be creative today but I can be inspirational by suggesting a book.

Comfort and Joy by Mary Hickey has 14 projects that are just right for you to complete by Christmas. (I would highly suggest that you start immediately....if not sooner!)

I made Midnight Star last year.

It's only 42 x 42 and is a nice size for a table or use as a wall hanging.

There are only three blocks. There were 12 blocks where I could practice quilting a tiny wreath.

It's a fun project to make. There are many other delightful projects in the book that I'm anxious to make as well.

Have a wonderful evening everyone. I'm headed to the couch to put my feet up and sew little buttons on my argyle stockings.

As always,

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