Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2nd To The Last Day of 2009

Hello Everyone,

So, how are you spending your 2nd to the last day of 2009? I decided I had to attack the spider webs up here at the cabin, beginning with my Jim Shore snowman/woman collection. My daughter-in-law April, drew my name this year for gift giving. She knew she had it easy when she got my name.

My little collection has grown to ten....and I don't think another one will fit on the shelf. The cute little arms, hats and baskets on these snowmen make for a good time for the spiders and it had to be thoroughly dusted before I introduced the new little one to the collection.

When the light comes in through the windows just right, the beams in the great room look like the spiders have been busy constructing all the wire rigging for a trapeze artist in a circus tent. The spiders are the size of small mice and have scared many a guest and sent them into scream mode. I guess I've just gotten used to them and they don't phase me anymore.

While I was de-c0b-webbing the house, I cleaned the guest room. Santa Mike and Mrs. Mike will be here for New Year's. Speaking of Mrs. Mike, have any of you read the book Mrs. Mike by Benedict Freedman? It's a true story set in the Canadian wilderness in the early 1900's. A movie was made of the book in 1949 staring Dick Powell and Evelyn Keyes.

The guest room is all set for company. Every spider has been sent packing. The room is completely dusted, pillows fluffed and logs swept clean....almost. The electric blanket has been checked to make sure the right control is on the correct side of the bed. Somehow the controls got switched, and the couple that spent the night in this bed, drove each other crazy each time they adjusted the control on their side of the bed. It made for an interesting story at breakfast.

The welcoming guest towel is ready. "Guest towels are to be used by guests, non-guests are to use their clothing."

I've also been working on another block for Party in the Garden quilt BOM.

I'm new to the designing aspect of quilting. I've gone through so much fabric to get each flower petal just right. It has been a great deal of fun drawing a pattern then bringing it to life in fabric fence post by fence post, petal by petal.

Have a wonderful 2nd to the last day of 2009 everyone. Make the most of each day you have by doing things you enjoy with the ones you love.
As always,

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  1. I love what I see so far with Party in the Garden ~ How do you ever find time to read with all you do? I just can't sit still that long always on the move...
    Now we do have more in comon, I've got both the snowwomen from the left #3 & #4 a gift from my sweet cousin who lives in Fresno. Purchased from the Quilters Paradise Quilt shop in Cloves. Lovely shop!
    See I told you, You'd have no problems with continuing your blog.. Great job especially with my "Cann't Live Without" side of me.. I'm love'n Party in the Garden.. Got'a go stitch .. I hope I get the BoF BOM finished? Some times I wonder, if I could just stop wanting to do other things and FOCUS ... Good New Years Resolution to work on .. don't you think?