Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 7........Giveaway time!

Hello Everyone,

As I said several posts ago, I was going to give a Wilder Family Cookbook away. Well the time is here. This book is a compilation of years of our family favorites. I'm always trying something new and I have a stack of more recipes to add to the cookbook.....just haven't done it yet. I found some new binders this year that are similar but not identical to my copy. They are just so much nicer I might have to give one to myself!

The new binder has nice dividers with pockets for your notes. It also contains plastics covers for your family favorites on recipe cards.

The book contains sixty of my most requested recipes. They are all tried and true and have been made countless times by my family and friends....and me of course. This in one of our favorites that Santa Mike requested the next time we get together.

All you have to do to win the cookbook is make a comment. You have from now until Thursday, December 24th at noon. Make a comment about anything you'd like.....from cooking, to Christmas, to's your comment. I'm just curious to see if anyone out there is reading my blog other than my sister! This is my gift to one of my blog sister is automatically disqualified since she already has a cookbook! Zinny will very scientifically select the recipient.

I'll post the winner Christmas morning. Oh the anticipation!

As always,


  1. Lynn ... I'd be happy to pay you for one. I love cook books and have a collection of them. I love reading them like a good novel! I'd even pay postage..
    Have you ever heard of a recipe for clam dip where you take round french bread heat it and place the dip in side?
    Happiness is having a Sweet Friend with a great Blog that is there when ever you need to read or talk to her...
    Quiltingly Hugs with a bit of flower on my nose.... Crissie

  2. Well aren't you just the talented one! Cooking, sewing, quilting, pattern designing. There's no stopping you! Will you be selling the cookbooks? Love the recipes you've already had on your blog. Yes, I'm reading..... just stay quiet for the most part! Happy holidays! Amy

  3. I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing the things that you sew and cook. I love seeing the quilts.


  4. I think recipes bind the family from the simpliest to the complex all day recipies. All my children have their favorites. thx for being willing to share yours! Cindy Croll

  5. I love to cook and would enjoy some new family tested recipes!

  6. The cookbook looks wonder. I find the best recipes are found in family cookbooks. I'd love to try some of your family favorites with hopes they would also become ours. JoAnn Royce

  7. I love the cookbook! I like to cook and could use some new recipes. I also like to sew and quilt. I like reading your blog.

  8. What a wonderful blog!! I have been reading all of the December posts as you have gotten ready for Christmas. You seem to know the true meaning of the holiday, family and friends.