Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Making the day count......16

Hello Everyone,

So instead of counting everyday, I'm making everyday count. Whether it's making something for Christmas, or making the day a special day for someone.

This morning I decided to leave the fiber in the pantry. No Raisin Bran and granola for us.....we were having pancakes! Not just any pancake, but pancakes in the shape of gingerbread men, Christmas trees, snowflakes and snowmen.

I wanted to practice making these first, so what better test subject than my husband, Joe. He wouldn't mind if one of the snowmen just happened to get decapitated during the cooking process! But, I didn't want to traumatize the grandchildren.

I mixed up a regular batch of Krusteaz, my favorite pancake mix. I learned that I needed to spray the molds first with a cooking spray. I waited patiently for bubbles to form before removing the mold. These molds have little handles that don't get hot and were very easy to use.

OOPS, a little leakage here.....Mr. Gingerbread was engaged in a hearty laugh!

Once the mold is removed, you have a nice, fluffy pancake that's ready to be flipped. We had fun making these this morning and just as much fun eating them. (It was a lot more fun than cold cereal!)
I use my Christmas plates the whole month of December. In the past, I only used my Christmas plates on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. That was silly. Now I use them....enjoy them.....what was I saving them for? They bring pleasure to me and make the table so festive.

Bon appetit and make your day count....not just at Christmas, but everyday throughout the year.

As always,


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