Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 6 and we're getting down to the wire.....

Good Saturday Morning Everyone,

Our family is getting so large that we started drawing names instead of buying a gift for everyone. I can't tell you the name I've drawn, but I made my person a "Birdie Sling" by Amy Butler.

I've made this pattern twice now and love, love, love the outcome. But......this pattern takes forever to cut out. Once you are over that hurdle, you're home free. My Monday work buddy Holly, selected the fabric for me. She has a good eye for style and choose the new Nicey Jane fabric by Heather Bailey. Just about the whole fabric line is in the shop and it's gorgeous!

I don't have a sewing room at the cabin. But I have a dining room with a wonderful view of the forest and the lingering snow. While I'm quilting or sewing, I'm always looking out the windows at the squirrels and birds. Occasionally I'll spot a deer. It's wonder that I ever get anything done.

I debated about whether or not to include this picture of my "mess". Each bag holds my wonderful treasures just waiting to be completed. I start making my cabin list early and try to bring absolutely everything I need up to the mountains with me. In all of this mess, do you think I remembered to bring a "pressing ham?" There probably isn't a pressing ham for sale in a radius of 50 miles from my location! Well, I made do with a rolled towel to get all of the seams open.

The inside of the bag is just as cute as the outside. Isn't this fun? My "person" is going to love toting this bag around. Thanks Holly for putting such a cute combination together.

Don't forget the Wilder Family Cookbook giveaway. If you are shy about making a comment, just send me an email at for your official entry. You have until December 24th at noon to make your comment about anything you wish. I'll announce the winner on Christmas morning before the little munchkins come over to terrorize Zinny.

As always,



  1. Is it fare to post twice? You are looking out your window at your cabin and making me wish I was sitting on the other side of the table from you. My friend's best friend moved to Boston last year and was telling of all the snow, But this year it's worse, the worse snow storm sense 1927 ~ My! She can't even open the door for her little dog to take his walk! She's a quilter too, so it must be like heaving to be warm and able to sew! But the California Girl inside me says I'm Happy to be living in CA! Love to look at it but sure don't want to shovel it or drive in it! I'll just see it thought your eyes and blog.
    Thanks for your lovely postings. I still want to know if that sweet house quilt is going to be a BOM? Hummm?
    Quiltingly Yours, Crissie

  2. Hi Crissie,
    Yes, that sweet house quilt is going to be a BOM starting in April! It's called Party in the Garden.