Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

This was on Joe's package!

Good Morning Everyone,

While all of you were out taking advantage of the after Christmas sales, Joe and I were shopping for a new dishwasher! Isn't this just about the busiest time of year when the kitchen is is overdrive and you have the most dishes ever! Well picture us on Christmas Eve, relaxing after eating our luscious crab cakes when we look into the kitchen and see the water spewing out of the bottom of the dishwasher onto the wood floor!

After we mopped up the mess, we continued to relax and just figured that we were going to have nice, soft cuticles by New Year's. We have our even BIGGER dinner on Christmas Day! Which of course means more and more dishes. Joe suggested that we use paper plates....NOT. The kids at times, have called me "Martha" as in Martha Stewart. Would Martha use paper plates on Christmas?

I just sat at the table chatting with the family while the kitchen crew kicked it into high gear. There's a certain kind of camraderie that occurs around the kitchen sink. It's misery loves company I guess. It's fun to just step back and listen to all the conversations and really take in all of the family interactions. The little kids were enjoying their new treasures. There were the football fans on the couch. The group at the table were talking about the health care bill. But, the kitchen crew was having the most fun! Eruptions of laughter, Zinny getting bopped with a rolled up dish towel, and fake groans of "more dishes!"

The new dishwasher will arrive on January 9th. That gives Joe and me lots of time to do some serious bonding with our bottle of Dove dishwashing liquid. We will have nice soft hands...and Zinny won't be the only one getting bopped with the dish towel!

As always,

P.S. Two Christmases ago, the compressor on the refrigerator went out, so we bought a new fridge the day after Christmas. If I play my cards right, I'll be getting a new washer in 2011?


  1. Lynn ... I love the house block can hardly wait to see some more hints!
    Those are truly my colors. <3 <3
    I feel I'll be 102 before I complete the Blossom of Friendship BOM ~ I need to go sit on top of a mountain some place all by myself with my needle, threads and kits. NOT! To cold!

  2. I feel your pain! Our dishwasher died a little over a week ago...we were too busy with all the Christmas activities to get a replacement, so we've all got dishpan hands at our house!

    Also, I've been meaning to post to thank you for the yeast roll recipe. We made them for Thanksgiving dinner and loved it so much that we made them again for Christmas. They are delicious! Thanks for sharing your family's favorites!