Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 19....I think????

Happy Holidays Everyone,

I love to wrap presents. In my eyes, the wrapping is part of the gift. Our 7-year-old twin granddaughters were over the other day and they helped "Grammy" make gift tags. Emily added cute little dots to her alphabet. I love the look she created.

Kinsey practiced on paper first before she decorated the shipping labels.

Emily loved coloring in the little shapes with colored pencils.

I bought a box of Christmas stamps at Michael's a few years ago that were a great purchase.

The shipping tags are very inexpensive and come in two different sizes.

So all we needed were some cute stamps, colored pencils, shipping labels and two adorable little girls and there you have it......the gift tags are finished.

Zinny had fun being with her little girls.

Hopefully we won't have an earthquake while we man our booth at Ruby Hills Winery in south Livermore. We will be at our booth again today selling wine-related items. Yesterday there was live music, appetizers and of course the wine was flowing to the hundreds of attendees for the Holidays in the Vineyards event.
Did you notice the quilts used as props? They are my contribution to the effort, but I put a NFS tag on them. I can't sell my quilts! I can give them away to family and friends, but I can't sell them to strangers!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, creative and joyful Sunday.

As always,


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