Saturday, February 19, 2011

No quilting

Hello Everyone,

We finally woke up to electricity this morning. Time to put the old peculator away and go back to the coffee maker.  Crystal blue sky and puffy white clouds are a nice change from the 31 inches of snow over the past three days.

The snow was so powdery that Zinny ended up with all of these little dingle-balls on her.  We had to keep her by the fire to melt all of the snow sticking to her fur.  When we had power, we used the blow dryer which she absolutely loved.

Kade and Harleigh had the best snow cave under the boughs of a pine tree.  They felt safe and secure and played here for quite some time.

It was almost too deep for my 'angel' to make snow angels.

I got in on the fun with the snowshoes to help make the sled run.  Tromping up and down the hill several times was enough for me to qualify for the next Winter Olympics sledding competition.

The melting snow from the trees looked like silver glitter.....just beautiful!
This has been a very interesting week.  It is the first time in seven years that we didn't see a snow plow for days.   We felt totally isolated from the outside world.  Our son arrived with his family yesterday and we were so happy to see them arrive safely.  We felt as if the Calvary arrived with more food and companionship.  I'll get back to some serious quilting next week.

As always,



  1. Loved your pictures... Thanks for sharing


  2. Wow - now that is rugged country livin', Lynn! I can only imagine how pretty and quiet it must have been, but no percolator? I hope you had another way to make coffee!!! How great the the kids were able to make it up and enjoy the snow! You look like a natural on your snowshoes, too!

  3. Poor Zinny looks so sad with that snow on her! But the kids, they certainly look like they had fun! It's just beautiful where you live. . .thanks for sharing those pictures with us! julie

  4. I had blackouts in the snow one winter about ten years ago, you do feel very pioneering and isolated don't you. It's so hot here we've been swimming nearly every day.
    Love the snow shoes!
    Poor Zinny!
    Glad to hear you'll be back online soon.

  5. Wow! I have no reason to complain about mud. At least I had power. Poor Zinny! That is the the cutest face. I wonder what she's really thinking?