Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Party in the Garden Class

Hello Everyone,

For those of you making my Party in the Garden design, here are a few tips, ideas and suggestions from last nights drop-in class.  I learn so much from the girls!  Carol used the pink and yellow fabric to outline her door.  I used the gray lattice fabric on my quilt.....but we all thought Carol's version looked the best.  You should have enough of this fabric leftover from past months to be able to make this change if you wish.

Here is Carol's finished cottage.  So adorable and welcoming!

Paula was not liking the steps leading up to the house.  I must admit, they are a bit challenging.  Paula first cut her steps out in strips. Notice the little flower at the top of the gray fabric, giving them some depth.  Now that is attention to detail!

She then stitched them together on the machine, pressed the seams open, and they were ready to attach to her background.

Mary changed her flowers to be 3-dimensional and added buttons and embroidery.

Remember just how hot the little applique irons can get!  Mary had a mishap and had to do a little repair work to her burning garden gate block! 

Kathy attached Mother of Pearl buttons using French knots to her watering can. Isn't that clever!

Mary bought several different kinds of leaf buttons to add as enhancements to her watering can.

I think in the future I going to sit and do all of my designing with this group of women.  I'll use all of their suggestions and have one gorgeous quilt by the time I'm finished!

Today is machine quilting day.  I loaded the second version of Summer's Blush on the machine yesterday so I'm good to go bright and early this morning. 

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  1. Wow! What creative minds! I need friend like that too. To be surrounded by all that creative mojo, that's my fantasy. Well I have kind of achieved that with my blog list. Thanks again for the inspiration!